What is the history of New York State's capitals?

Some of the web sources I used gave conflicting dates, so I do hope this is accurate. As far as I can tell, Kingston was the first capital of New York State, from 1777 until 1788. Then Poughkeepsie became the capital, from 1788 to 1797. In 1797, Albany became the state capital, and has been ever since.

However, one website I found gave very different information. It says that New York City was the capital of New York State from 1785 to 1797...which overlaps with the years that both Kingston and Poughkeepsie were supposedly the state capital. But perhaps this website is just filled with incorrect information, because it also says that Poughkeepsie was the capital of New York State from 1777 to 1783, while further up the page, it ALSO says that Kingston became the state capital in 1777.

So, perhaps this one website is just full of inaccurate information. See the first Related Link (below) for this rather dubious website. The rest of the information I found at the second Related Link, and at the Wikipedia entries for Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Albany, and New York City.