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I can't find Loomis in any of my references. If it is a utility grade, double barrel, probably with side hammers, I will guess that you will discover Belgian proof marks under the barrels. Look for an oval surrounding the letters ELG or a mark that looks like the Washington Monument. Several million similar guns were imported to the US c. 1880-1915, marked with several hundred trade names. If you know the location where it was acquired c. 1900, check the old business records for a Loomis Hardware or Loomis Mercantile store.

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Q: What is the history of a J A Loomis Damascus Double Barrel?
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Joe Vorisek wrote the book on old shotgun markings, and his listing says: WM LOOMIS - name found on Belgian hammer shotgun with damascus barrels, maker unknown. I'm assuming this is a breech loading gun, so it would have been made sometime after 1865 and before 1915. You might search for any reference to a William Loomis who owned a hardware store or general merchandise store in that time period. Many stores paid a couple dollars extra to get a dozen or so guns marked with their own name.

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