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What is the history of devil worship?

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September 14, 2011 10:19AM

Satanism is a group of religions that are composed of a diverse

number of ideological and philosophical beliefs and social

phenomena. Generally speaking, satanists who believe in the

Judeo-Christiann concept of Satan is linked into the belif system

of today's Judeo-Christian religion. Public practice of Satanism

began in 1966 with the founding of the Church of Satan. Before that

though, there was a group called the Ophite Cultus Satanas which

was founded in Ohio by Herbert Arthur Sloane in 1948. Going back

even further one can find in 17th century France, the Frunch Moral

Panic, which was against alleged satanism during the Poison Affair

(1675-1682). There's a lot of history to this especially when you

separate and distinguish what was defined as Satanism in history,

and what it's considered today.

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