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Gonorrhea was long misunderstood and seen as a something of a mysterious disease. However, it has long been associated with sexually transmitted diseases, and treated in along with other common STDs like chlamydia and syphilis. Please check related link for more info.

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How do you get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea?

Testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea usually involves a swab or urine sample, depending on the patient history.

Can you donate blood if you have had gonorrhea?

Potential volunteer blood donors with a history of Gonorrhea are deferred for one year from the completion of successful therapy.

Where did the disease gonorrhea first emerge?

athens greece: historyThere is no way to know. There are writings in the Bible that sound like they're describing gonorrhea.

What does it mean when said high risk of gonorrhea?

High risk of gonorrhea means that the patient has findings in the history or physical that suggest that gonorrhea is a possible cause. Risk factors include sex with an infected partner or multiple partners.

Can you be infertile after having gonorrhea five times?

You may or may not be infertile after having gonorrhea five times. You should use birth control if you're not interested in getting pregnant at this time. Do not use a history of gonorrhea as a way of preventing pregnancy.

Is gonorrhea in your throat curable?

Gonorrhea in your throat (pharyngeal gonorrhea) is curable. The same medications that treat genital gonorrhea treat pharyngeal gonorrhea.

Does gonorrhea have a pathogen?

It does; Neisseria gonorrhea is the pathogen that causes gonorrhea.

Is cocci bacteria a gonorrhea?

Not all cocci are gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is caused by a diplococcus known as Neisseria gonorrhea.

Is gonorrhea caused by cocci?

Yes, gonorrhea is caused by cocci. The diplococcus that causes gonorrhea is Neisseria gonorrhea.

Is gonorrhea infectious or noninfectious?

Gonorrhea is infections.Gonorrhea is an infections disease.

Can you get gonorrhea from drinkinhg after someone who has gonorrhea?

No you cannot get gonorrhea from sharing drinks

How do you get gonorrhea in your throat?

Gonorrhea on throats are called Oral Gonorrhea or Pharyngeal Gonorrhea.pharyngeal gonorrhea. The most common source of this is through oral sex exhibition with a person who is suffering of gonorrhea infection in their reproductive part.

Can a dog get gonorrhea?

Dogs don't get gonorrhea. Gonorrhea affects only humans.

How can dogs get gonorrhea?

Dogs don't get gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a human disease.

What is the host for gonorrhea?

Humans are the host for gonorrhea. Gonorrhea does not infect other animals.

What causes Neisseria gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is the disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea.

Is gonorrhea contagious?

Gonorrhea is contagious.

Is gonorrhea noncommuiable?

Gonorrhea is communicable.

Can you get gonorrhea from a jacuzzi?

You can not get gonorrhea from jacuzzi.

Is gonorrhea infectious?

Gonorrhea is infectious.

Is there immunizations for gonorrhea?

There are no immunizations for gonorrhea.

What STD can cause epididymitis and spread to the blood or joints?

GonorrheaGonorrheaGonorrheaThis STD is gonorrhea.Syphilis spreads to joints and blood.

How does a puppy develop gonorrhea?

Dogs don't get gonorrhea. Gonorrhea affects only humans.

Can a dog be born with gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea does not affect dogs. Gonorrhea only infects humans.

Is gonorrhea a microorganism?

Gonorrhea is caused by a diplococcus called Neisseria gonorrhea, a bacterial microorganism.

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