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What is the history of the iPod?

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It was invented by Hugh gray jp.

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How do delete your wifi history on your iPod?

You can't delete your wifi history using ipod. You can only delete your history in your ipod.

Does iPod have a history on it?

Ipod touchs do but other no

Will history from your iPod touch be linked to your PC?

No, the history from your iPod Touch cannot and will not be linked to your PC. There is no such feature that allows every movement of the iPod to be tracked as such.

How do you delete the history in your iPod?

Safari history? Settings>Safari>Clear History

How do you delete the browser history on your iPod?

Below are the steps to delete browser history in iPod: 1. Unlock your iPod. 2. Click Settings. 3. Find Safari. 4. Now press Clear History and confirm it. 5. Your history and search suggestions have been removed.

How do you view your history on Google search on your ipod?

Google on the ipod touch doesn't have google history, but you could go to the bookmarks part on safari, and at the top it says "history" click on that and it will view ALL internet history.

Can wifi view my history on ipod?


How do you find the history on safari on the ipod?

bookmarks. than at the bottom press history

How view web history?

Go to bookmarks on your iPod or iPhone and choose history

Can you look at you iPod touch history if it is deleted?


Can you check Internet history on the Ipod Touch?


The history of the mp3 player?

it was the same thing as the ipod

Is it possible to delete history on ipod touches?

Yes. Open Safari on your iPod Touch. Tap the button that looks like an open book In the bottom left hand corner should be another button that says clear. Tap it. Tap 'Clear History' to erase the history of websites visited on the iPod.

What is the history of iPods?

The first iPod was mass produced in 2001.

How do you clear chat history on ipod touch?

you cant stupid

Will cleared history on your iPod show up on the wifi bill?


How so you delete the search pages from your safari on iPod?

This is taken as deleting your history. To delete your history on Safari on the iPod Touch, tap the book icon on the bottom bar of Safari. Then, tap History at the top of the page, and then at the bottom left corner, tap 'clear history'.

Of i delete my history on my ipod wil my parents be able to find it on the router history?

If you went through the settings and deleted the history then no they cant find your history.

Can you see your history on ipod touch?

Yes, you can. You go down to ur bookmarks and the first thing is history

How do you clear history for Google on iPod touch?

Go to Settings-Safari-Then scroll down to clear history

History on iPod nano?

the ipod was created by neji and shikamaru for fun!lol kidding...change this if ya wanna. your mum invented this

How do you erase history off iPod?

i dk....what were u lookin ip on there

Is it possible for someone to see what you have been on on your ipod after you delete your history?


How do you erase history on an ipod?

Haha. There are two ways. However, the easiest to explain is to go to settings, safari, clear history.

How do you clear MSN history?

Simple just brake ur iPod and that's it.