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Go to to read about it.

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How do you view a laptop history?

how to view history on a laptop

Where do you find history on your laptop?

hello. top right!

How do you delete history on your laptop?

You right click then press delete.

How do you erase history from a MacBook Pro?

Delete the files or refresh the laptop.

How do you see recent pages visited in laptop?

look at your history page

History of the laptop computer?

Go to to read about it.

How do you delete history off your laptop completely?

You do it by doing this now one knows

How do you delete history on this laptop?

Maybe pushing the third button. Hahaha, what browser are you running ?

How do you delete cookies on your laptop?

go to tools internet optiond, or go to history and delete it

Is Toshiba laptop support included in their warranty?

Toshiba laptop support is included in their warranty. This is useful, as their laptops have a history of unreliability. However, their servicing abilities are quite lax.

How is your dad monitoring or viewing your history on your laptop while you are at college and he is at home?

i sure hope he isn't

What is the history of Acer laptop?

Acer's product range includes laptop and desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, monitors, projectors and cloud solutions for home users, business, government and education.

How do you delete YouTube history on an iPad?

Deleting Youtube history on an ipad is the same as with any computer or laptop. To delete the history, simply go to settings, and then to history, and clear the cache for however many days worth one deems necessary to have deleted of the history.

How does a sony laptop VAIO differ from any other sony laptop?

It is very small and can hold a lot more of information. Although, it does have a history of not finding wireless networks and the sound going out .

What is the best Laptop and computer in Australian History?

Apple Macbooks or Apple Computers (2nd newest Windows but the BEST!!!!)

How much did the first laptop computers cost?

Answer: $3500 Answer: According to Wikipedia, articles "History of laptops" and "Osborne 1", the first mass-produced laptop was the Osborne 1, at an introductory price of US$ 1795.

If you have deleted browsing history in office laptop is that possible to find out browsing history?

Deleting your browsing history from your computer makes it impossible (at least highly improbable) to recover the history that was deleted from the laptop. However, it is still possible that the IT department may be able to pull up logs from the server (if you use a VPN or the office's network connection), or there may be stealth logging that goes on via a driver or background utility that monitors traffic. In short, you should never look at, download, browse, etc anything that might get you fired. Just because it's not on the laptop, does not mean it's not retrievable.

How do you delete everything from off your laptop?

Easiest way to Delete the all history the option is menu bar reformat the hard disk.

What is Toshiba laptop?

The Toshiba laptop is a laptop computer.

What is the different between laptop notebook and laptop computer?

There is no difference. A notebook is a laptop, and a laptop is a computer.

What is the wattage of a laptop?

It depends on the laptop, and on the power status of the laptop.

Is dell a good laptop?

Dell is not a laptop but a laptop selling company.

Is my laptop a good laptop?

Impossible to answer your question as you did not even list what laptop you have.

Is a laptop a console?

No, a laptop is not a console. A laptop is classifies as a portable computer.

Laptop Screen Repairs?

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