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The Roseland Heights CommunityBOUNDARIES:Roseland Heights is on Chicago's South Side. Bordered on the south by 99th Place, and to the north 95th Street. State Street/Abbott Park borders it on the west and Cottage Grove/ Chicago State University campus to the east.The Heights HistoryBack in the 1950's Black people worked hard to build and buy homes in what was then outlying communities of Chicago. One such community where Dutch influence had created a south suburb was called Roseland. Just north of it was a distinctive, charming suburban area populated with prairies, wildflowers, pheasants, hollyhocks, phlox flowers and a scattering of nice older homes spaced between empty lots. This setting gave Black people the opportunity to create a community filled with an atmosphere of hope, reflecting small town values and traditions. And so Roseland Heights was born. In this atmosphere of hope many notable Blacks like the CEO of Parker House Sausage, members of the Baldwin (ice cream) and Luster family and Rev. Clay Evens selected to live. They lived here along with other Blacks from janitorial workers to city & government employees. They came together, grew and influenced this community's path. Roseland Heights was an oasis on the south side, yet it was still urban. The community celebrated children, family, and high residential standards. These standards modeled this community as well as those on it's boundaries like Chatham, Roseland, Beverly and Pullman. Today The Heights is still an area of well-kept homes and lawns. People living here all are committed to this "Urban Oasis" many blocks of well defined neighbors, willing and caring people, who are proud homeowners. They show pride in their homes and see the possibilities of hope for their future.
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Q: What is the history of the neighborhood called Roseland Heights and how did it get its name?
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