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What is the horsepower of one engine in a Boeing 747?


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This is approimately the total power of all four engines. "Fully loaded at 400 tons, the Boeing 747 requires 90 mega-watts (MW) of energy to get airborne. This relates to 120,000 horsepower (hp). The energy consumption during cruising is reduced to half, or 45MW (60,000hp)."

So, the peak power output of ONE engine is approximately 30,000 hp.

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One engine produces 56,000 pounds of thrust.

Yes, however the most common one is the Boeing 747-400.

The most popular model, the Boeing 747-400 can hold maximum of 660 people in a one class configuration.

Yes, much. The 757 is a narrow body, one storey aircraft, while the 747 is a widebody and has 2 levels.

air force one, its a Boeing 747

Its a Boeing 747 and is out fitted by a secret company

It has 4 propulsion engines and one APU.

The current Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200.

i heard when i worked at pacific aerospace corp that each engine has about 22,000 hp

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Air Force One is a Boeing 747 Airplane. The maximum speed of a commercial Boeing 747 is about Mach 0.92. While the accurate information is highly classified, Air Force One probably can't go much faster than that.

There are 3 backup pumps (each engine has one) and some functions can even be engaged manually. See link below:

The Boeing 747 "Classic" (100, 200, 300 & S.P.) required a cockpit crew of 3. One each, captain first officer and flight engineer or second officer. The 747-400 requires on 2 people; a captain and a first officer.

The Boeing 777 is a two engine jet airplane. If one engine fails and the other engine is still working, yes it can still fly with one engine.

Sorry- no one engine, no one horsepower, no one answer.

Cruising speed is 585 mph. The max speed for a 747-8 is 614mph, or 988km/h.Maximum speed = 0.92 machI recently watched a YouTubevideo of a Boeing 747 that reached a ground speed of 744 MPH (1196 km/hr). This is the highest speed that I know of that a 747 has ever flew. Here's the link to the video if you want to watch it.'s titled "Boeing 747 Fastest Speed Commercial Flight".0.85 Mach567 mph (913 km/h)AnswerThe Boeing 747 cruises at around 0.85 Mach, but in answer to how fast "can" one go, the answer is that Vmo/Mmo (maximum operating speed/mach) for the earlier versions is 0.89 Mach and for the 747-400 it's 0.92 Mach.

The plane is called Air Force One. It is actually more than one plane.They are Boeing 747-400s .

The current Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200 B , known in the US Air Force as a VC25

The Boeing planes, and most modern multi-engine aircraft, can still manage to fly even if one engine stopped to function.

A total of 52 Boeing 747 aircraft have been involved in an accident or incidents in resulting in badly damaged aircrafts that are beyond repair. our of the 52 crashes, only 25 of them resulted in no loss of life, not including the death of a hostage and a terrorist on one of them.

Any airplane that the president flies on is called Air Force One. Most often it is a Boeing 747.

The top 10 aircraft in terms of handling, and reliability (not including terrorist threat) are; Boeing 737 with CFMI engines, at one crash per 4.8 million flying hours. The other nine aircraft are: Boeing 757; Airbus A320; Boeing 767; Boeing 737NG; Boeing 747; Airbus A330; Airbus A340; and Boeing 777

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