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In the mid 300 ish Hp

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Q: What is the horsepower on a 5.7 350 bored 30 over Chevy engine?
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What is a Chevy 305 engine bored 040 over called?

That would be called a Chevy 307 bored .40 over.

What is a Chevy 262 engine bored 030 over called?

A 262 bored 30 over.

What is a Chevy 427 engine bored 60 over called?

A 427 bored .60 over is 438.8572417 or basically a 439.

What is a Chevy 327 engine bored 030 over called?


What is a Chevy 350 engine bored 30 over called?


How much horsepower does a Chevy 350 bored 60 over have?

All else being equal, about 10 more than it had before.

What is the general horsepower of a 351 Windsor engine bored 30 over?

it depands on the camshaft and heads. with 30 over windsor it should make at least 370 horsepower with aftermaket camshaft

What is the horse power of a Chevy 402 big block truck engine?

First off, the 402, is just a 396, bored .030 over. The HP rating will be aroun d 300, to 325. It is a torque motor, more than a horsepower motor.

What is the best engine a 355 Chevy or a 383 Chevy?

355 is a non stroked just bored 4.030 over 383 on the other hand put a 3.75 stroker crank and bored honed so i would pick 383 . 355 is bored not stroked clearence for stroker crankbest engine would say is 383

What is a Chevy 350 engine bored 030 over called?

A 350 starts out with a 4.000" bore and a 3.48" crankshaft stroke which really only gives you 349.8 cubic inches. (Chevy rounded it up to 350) Your engine which has the same stroke of 3.48 but now is bored .030" over (making the cylinder bored size now 4.030) total size of 355.1 cubic inches or just a 355.

What is a Chevy 350 bored 30 over?


What size is a 350 bored 60 over?

a Chevy 350 bored .060 over would be 360.4 cubic inches