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The hourly wage of a waitress or waiter is $4.26 per hour. They also do not have to claim any tips they make on taxes.

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what is the equation for the waitress hourly wage if one day she earned $25 in tips over a 5 hour period and another day she earn $30.76 in tips over a 3 hour period.

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How much is hourly wage for a waitress in Ohio?

at the restaurant i work at its 3.75 plus tips of course!

How much does a waitress in training get paid?

A waitress in training makes minimum wage (or whatever hourly is for a hostess/non-tipped position). The waitress who does the training keeps the tips.

How much does a waitress make at perkins?

Waitress at Perkins are paid a standard hourly wage plus tips. If a waitress at Perkins works high traffic times they can make anywhere from $30-$60 per day in tips.

Is it legal for chili's to not pay an hourly wage if you make a certain amount in tips?

No, theyare required to give you a working wage. Tips are additional income and cannot be including in you base wage rate.

What are the benefits for a waitress?

You get to interact with people. You get to eat at that restaurant with a discount. You get a small hourly wage plus cash tips to take home each evening.

What is the minimum wage for a waitress in Michigan?

The minimum wage for a waitress in Michigan is 2 dollars and 65 cents. This is why waitresses rely on tips from customers.

What is the average hourly wage for a banquet waitress?

for banquets I started out at the minimum wage for adolecents, which was about $5.25/hr, we also receieved $15.00 tips no matter how many people we served a banquet. now I'm up to $7.00/hr...

What is the minimum wage for waitresses in Illinois?

The minimum wage for waitress' in Illinois as of 2010 it is $4.80 and plus the tips.

What is the pay for a waitress?

This depends heavily on where you work: your geographic location and the restaurant. In the United States, most waitresses earn the minimum hourly wage plus tips, which can bring their hourly rate to $10/hour, $15/hour, or more. It also greatly depends on your attitude. No matter what a waitress should always be nice and sweet. This can improve your hourly wage from $10 to $20 or more. In India a waitress in a five star hotel gets about Rs. 20000/- I get paid $2.40 an hour plus tips. Tipped servers are one of the only jobs that can legally pay LESS than the minimum wage. Most servers are paid $2.25- $4.25 per hour, depending upon the state. Most of their income comes from tips.

When you are being trained as a waitress and you are not receiving tips what should your minimum wage be?

$ 7.25

Story problems for algebra?

Your friend works as a waitress at a local restaurant. Her income consists of an hourly wage plus tips. On wed., she earns $25 in tips over a 5 hour period. On Friday, she earns $30.76 in tips over a 3 hour period. How much is your's friend's wage if she earned the same amount of money on Wed, and Friday?

What is the minimum wage for a waitress in North Carolina?

6.55 I believe. That's without tips.

What is the minimum wage for a waitress in Maine?

If the waitress receives enough tips to qualify for application of the tip credit under state or federal law, which most waitresses will, then the minimum wage is $3.75.

Can a restaurant figure in tips to make the waitresses pay scale and if the waitress accumulates tips for the week equalling her hours worked at minimum wage can the restaurant not pay her a base?

No, at least not where I live. No, the restaraunt must pay a waiter/waitress at least minimum wage. Income from tips is completely seperate.

A waitress earned 73 dollars for 6 hours of work. The total included 46 dollars in tips. What was her hourly wage?

($)73 subtract from ($)46divide from 6(hours) equals($)4.50ANSWER IS $4.50

What is the hourly wage for a secretary?

What is the Hourly wage for a secreatary with no degree?

Do lawyers receive a salary or an hourly wage?

Hourly wage

What hourly rate does a under 16 year old earn in a restaurant?

Restaurants can use any tips you make as part of your wage. Generally, under 16 gets 85% of an adult hourly wage.

What is the starting salary for a waitress?

Normally it's about minimum wage or a little more plus tips and what not

What is the minimum wage for a waitress in tn?

around 3 bucks. most of the income is earned in tips

What is the hourly rate for a waitress at a restaurant such as huddle house?

As a server in any restaurant, your wages are based on tips, so they only have to pay you half of minimum wage which is currently $2.13 and hour. It is up to you to claim all of your tips and report them. After your shift is over, then add them up then divide them to see what your hourly rate plus $2.13 hour that you made, you will be quite surprised!

How much do Harrahs cocktail waitresses make?

In many states, Harrah's cocktail waitresses don't get paid state minimum wage. They are often paid about $2.00 hourly but make more with tips. An average cocktail waitress can make up to $200 per shift in tips.

Starbucks new york city hourly wage?

9.00 plus tips weekly checks weekly tips :) raise every 6months

Average hourly wage for domino's driver?

With tips in Michigan it is seeming like around $10/hr

What is a neurosurgeons hourly wage?

An average wage (hourly) is about $47 and hour.

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