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Q: What is the housing requirements of cougar lion?
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Which is stronger a lion or a cougar?

A Lion is stronger than a cougar, A lion is at least 11/2 times the size of a Cougar

Is a cougar stronger then a mountain lion?

A cougar is a mountain lion.

Can a mountain lion eat a cougar?

i don't think so because they're the thing a cougar and a mountain lion is the same animal but they call a cougar a ,cougar instead of a long word (mountain lion)

Is a mountain lion a cougar?

Yes. A Mountain lion is called a cougar, as well as a puma.

Is a cougar's roar louder than a lion?

yes a cougar do sent roar louder than a loin

Is a cougar a lion or tiger?

A cougar is neither. it is a separate species.

What are a cougar's other names?

A cougars other names are the mountain lion, the cougar, and the puma

What is word lion in Navajo?

African Lion is: náshdóítsoh bitsiijįʼ daditłʼooígííAmerican mountain lion or cougar is: náshdóítsoh

Can a lion kill a cougar?

yes it can

What are all of the names for a cougar?

Mountian Lion, Puma Mountain lion, puma, cougar, catamount, panther, painter, deer tiger.

Are a cougar and a puma the same?

Yes, there are several sub-specie of cougar but the names cougar, puma and mountain lion are synonomous.

How many names does a cougar have?

5 mountain lion cougar puma catamount, panther

Does the eastern cougar have any predators?

The Eastern Cougar, like the lion is at the top of the food chain.

What the life spand of a cougar?

The lifespan of a cougar, or mountain lion, is about 12 years.

What is the cougars scientific name for the cougar?

The cougar, puma, mountain lion, etc., is Felis Concolor.

What is another word for cougar?

mountain lion

What are some of the names that people call the mountain lion?

Puma, Cougar, and Mountain Lion.

How do you say cougar in Navajo?

The Navajo word for a mountain lion (cougar or puma) is nashdoitso.

Who would win in a fight a lion or a COUGAR?

a lion would because it could crush it and its stronger

If a older women is a cougar what is an older male?

A Lion.

What is another name of a mountain lion?

Cougar or Puma.

Is a mountain lion and a cougar the same animal?


What are four names for the mountain lion?

puma, cougar, panther, and poema

Which lion is not a lion?

Sea lions, which are seals, and mountain lions, which are also called pumas, panther, cougar.

Why are mountain lion extinct?

The mountain lion, or cougar, or puma, is not extinct. They are listed as "Least Concern" by the IUCN.