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What is the ideal weight for a 5'9 male aged 34?


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also check look for ideal weight calculation should be third entry (paragraph) down.


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What is the average weight for a 43 year old male

According to Halls-MD, the ideal weight for a women 34 and 5'7" is, 131 lbs.

Acceptable weight range for 5 feet person is 97-128 pounds for aged 19-34 and and 138+ pounds for 35+ aged.

around 140lbs or 10 stone would be an ideal weight 64 kg

The average weight of a 34-year-old male varies according to his height. A 34-year-old man that is 5 feet 11 inches typically weighs around 190 pounds.

The 'ideal' proportions of a female model are said to be 34" bust, 24'" waist, and 34" hips .

from wikipedia:The demographic of a particular show's audience is also measured. This is often notated in an abbreviated form,[2]e.g.:P2+ = Persons aged 2 or moreP12-34 = Persons aged 12 to 34P18-49 = Persons aged 18 to 49A18-34 = Adults aged 18 to 34Men 18-34Women 18-34

Thomas jefferson [aged 34[, John adams [aged 41], and Benjamin Franklin [aged 72]

Victoria Beckham aged 35 Melanie Brown aged 34 Emma Bunton aged 33 Melanie Chisholm aged 35 Geri Halliwell aged 36

it can get up to about from 26 to 36cm in height and about 34 ounces for males about 23 ounces for females in weight.

{| ! ! colspan="2" | ! colspan="2" | Weight ! Males | 25-34 kg 55-75 lb ! |}

Anywhere from 185-240 pounds is healthy for a 6 ft 4 healthy male

Hi I am 34 and I weigh 132 pounds which is 9st 6 and i am of a slim build wearing a UK size 8/10 usa 4. hope this helps.

If you are female, the ideal weight range is from 100-125 lbs, however it isn't about weight, it is about measurements. Your height and weight are not enough to tell if you meet the requirements for fashion and runway modeling. The ideal measurements to have are: 34-24-34 (bust, waist, and hips in inches). You can be smaller than these measurements but no larger than one inch in any area. If you are larger than this, an agency will turn you down.

That would depend on your build, but 160 to 180 pounds would be a good weight.

There may be an average weight (and that may be overweight) but there is no ideal or perfect weight for a 34-year-old man or woman. Weight is related to height and body composition rather than age. What counts more than your body weight is your body fat percentage. For more information, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

I am 34 years old male please tell about blood pressure

Anne boylen 1501-1536 aged 34.

no he has previously had sexual relations with a woman aged around 34.

Labradors can weight from 25 to 34 kg.

Height: 55-65cm Weight: 34-43kg Source: Concise guide to dog breeds

I think they said its 34 32 34. That what my guy friends keep saying. But don't worry, i have the same numbers.

I'm 5'2 and my measurements are 34" 26" 34" and i would say i was fat, but I don't know what the ideal measuerments are, I guess it depends IBM the person.

i would say 34-38 for a female and 36-40 for a male. Thamks for asking wikianswers, happy new year to you and the world i would say 34-38 for a female and 36-40 for a male. Thamks for asking wikianswers, happy new year to you and the worldthe average weight of an 11 year old is 30 - 48 kg

There is no specific weight for an adult male Doberman Pinscher. A healthy adult male should weigh between 70 and 90.4 pounds (34 and 45 kilograms). An adult Doberman Pinscher is considered a medium size dog.

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