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What is the impact if the rain water not been harvested?

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Rain is the ultimate source of fresh water. With the ground area

around houses and buildings being cemented, particularly in

cities and towns, rainwater, which runs off from terraces and

roofs, was draining into low-lying areas and not percolating into

the soil. Thereby, precious rainwater is squandered, as it is

drained into the sea eventually.

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Slogan on rain water harvesting?

A crop harvested is adrop harvested......

How is rain water harvested?

Many people which catch rain as it falls in rain barrels.

What are some examples of the kind of trees being harvested in the rain forest?

The Red Cedar Tree has been harvested almost to extinction in rain forests all over the world.

How was the Aztec economy based on agriculture?

They farmed and harvested their own food, and filtered rain water.

Can rain demolish CFCs?

CFCs are neither soluble in water or reactive with it. Rain has no impact on CFCs

What impact can a drought have on humans?

it could kill humans and if there is no rain no water or supplies

Which evaporates faster rain water or tap water?

the rain water does because it is all ready been produced and s doing it again

Who does water pollution impact?

everyone. via streams, seafood, evaporation, acid rain, etc.

How acid rain impact water sources?

Well, it damages the roots that absorb nutrients from the plant

Is rain water the same as distilled water?

No.Distilled water has been boiled into a vapor, which leaves impurities behind, then re-condensed into a liquid. Rain water has been contaminated with any pollution in the air that dissolves into it.

What is roof top rain water harvesting?

Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting is the technique through which rain water is captured from the roof catchments and stored in reservoirs. Harvested rain water can be stored in sub-surface ground water reservoir by adopting artificial recharge techniques to meet the household needs through storage in tanks. The Main Objective of rooftop rain water harvesting is to make water available for future use. Capturing and storing rain water for use is particularly important in dryland, hilly, urban and coastal areas. In alluvial areas energy saving for 1m. rise in ground water level is around 0.40 kilo watt per hour.

Rain water is their molecules in rain water?

rain water-filled petioles

How does the water cycle impact the tropical rain forest?

In my opinion the water cycle is important because without it many tropical plants couldn't grow.

How do hurricanes impact the water cycle?

Carry massive amounts of moisture from the ocean and produce similarly massive amounts of rain.

Why is rainwater not tasty?

Because rain water is dirty water. The sun evaporates water from the sea, oceans, rivers and lakes. The water goes into the air and transform into clouds. Then the clouds warm up, the water falls back to the Earth as rain. Rain water does not taste nice because of the salt in the water. Rain water also contains chemicals that may have been in the water such as fuels and solvents. By catching rain water on your tongue, believe it or not, you are drinking the urine of sea creatures.

How does rain turn into water?

Rain IS water, it does not turn into water.

What are the effects of acid rain on non-living things?

With enough acid rain, there could be a huge impact on buildings. If a building gets enough acid rain, they have been known to grow limbs and move to another location with less acid rain.

True or false have rain water has always been somewhat acids?


What is rain water harvesting?

Rain water harvesting refers to the act of ensuring that the rain water gets perculated into the soil rather than flow off.This may be implemented in several ways.The rain water from rooftops get collected and made to flow into a well. Tamil Nadu in INDIA is the first state to implement this scheme in a large scale.There has been a considerable rise in the water table.catching rain

Suppose factories were permitted to blowtoxic gases high up into the atmosphere how would that impact the water cycle of the region?

acid rain

What is flooding the US and what kind of impact is it having?

Rain and melting snow; it is damaging houses, buildings, and communities by soaking them with unwanted water.

What is rain water?

Rain water is water that evaporates from streams, and rivers

What does rain water have in it?

rain water has fluids and iron

Is rain organic?

No. Rain is water. Water is inorganic.

What is the symbol for rain water?

There is no symbol for rain water.