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impact of education in martial 2017

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Q: What is the impact of education of martial law during deterte administration in the Philippines?
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Martial law date in the Philippines?

September 21

Significant event in the Philippines in 1972?

One significant event in the Philippines in 1972 was that martial law went into effect that September. The martial law was declared by the then President Marcos.

When was martial law declared in the Philippines?

Martial law was declared by President Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines on Sep. 21 , 1972 under Proclamation order no. 1081.

What would you learn in martial law in the Philippines?

I would be disciplined.

How did the martial law end in the Philippines?

People power revolution

What is escrima?

Escrima is a stick fighting martial art that is originally from the Philippines.

Brief summary of the Philippines Martial Law?

The Philippines Martial Law is a time in Philippine history when an area is under the control of the military. This has happened during times when violent has erupted or there have been natural disasters.

Issues faced by Ferdinand marcos administration?

martial law, summary executions.

Why did Marcos chose Martial Law?

because he wants to save the republic of the Philippines

Advantages of martial law in the Philippines?

nag sesearch din ako tol.

Is taking martial arts classes a form of schooling?

Not really, but it can be. In some schools, martial arts is a used to meet physical education requirements. They may be a part of the Kinesiology Department. If all you are doing is martial arts, it would not be considered education, but it is certainly learning!

When did general Ayub khan took over the post of chief martial law administration?