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What is the impact of the nuclear bomb?

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the Vagina (nuclear bomb) will expand

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Japan surrendered. Then rebuilt.

After making the atomic bomb, there came a threat about nuclear weapons

A nuclear explosion from a warhead can be triggered by the impact of the bomb hitting something else or by a chemical reaction happening inside the bomb.

A nuclear bomb has never been dropped. It was an atomic bomb that was dropped on the Japanese cities Hiroshima ans Nagasaki. An atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon. Nuclear bombs have much more impact than atomic bombs, and could potentially end the World if a nuclear war was started.

No the hydrogen bomb is -The hydrogen bomb is a type of nuclear bomb.

A nuclear bomb is any bomb with any nuclear or atomic material inside it, while a plutonium bomb is a specific type of nuclear bomb. Plutonium could be the nuclear material inside the bomb, and if it is, it's a plutonium bomb.

Both. An atomic bomb IS a nuclear bomb.

yes,and made the nuclear bomb by starting of the theories

Exactly the same thing as a TNT bomb of the same yield.

The bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atomic bombs and not nuclear bombs and were designed to explode above the ground and not on impact.

A bomb can be either conventional or nuclear.

As i consider they had used no bomb they solved their problem by by speaking and issues

The best nuclear bomb is the Tsar bomba

Germany has not made a nuclear bomb.

Robert Oppenheimer is the father of nuclear bomb.

i think they're the same. the atomic bomb is a type of nuclear bomb

Atomic bombs are a type of Nuclear bomb and there are 2 types of nuclear bombs. The second type of nuclear bomb is a hydrogen bomb.

the Soviet development of the atomic bomb in 1949

No president invented any nuclear bomb.

Plutonium+Weapons=Nuclear Bomb

Plutonium + Weapon = Nuclear Bomb

That depends on how big the nuclear bomb is.