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UFO had happened in the early 1960's in USA. The UFO (unidentified flying object) is as known as alien. They impact us because they were very curious about the difference between humans and aliens. People started to get worried about alien abduction in the 1973. This is because people gave hundreds of reports about alien abduction. UFO's are fact, but there are a variety of opinions as to what they actually are. They could just be astrological phenomenon. Some UFO's are thought to be the ships used by extraterrestrials (aliens). There are reports of the crash of one or more of these vehicles (with the resulting recovery - by the military - of debris/remains). There are also a number of reports of actual "contact" by the aliens, of abduction and such. The primary impact of UFO's on the public is that their existence has given rise to cults, intrest groups, investigative groups, debunkers and all sorts of others who have opinions on UFO's and their occupants and purposes. The facts are tantalizing, and the government is stonewalling attempts by individuals to gain complete access to all the information (whatever that information may be) that is held by the Army, the Air Force and by other governmental agencies. A link is provided to the UFO article posted by our friends at Wikipedia, where knowledge is free.

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Q: What is the impact on people because of UFO's?
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