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What is the importance of Abigail's drum in American history?

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What are Indian drums called?

Actually there several names for many different drums.* You have the Native American Shaman Drums from the Tarahumara Indians. * American Pow Wow Drum. * North American Pedestal Drum. * North American Hoop Drum. * North American Ceremonial Drum. *

Information on the history of the drum?

first came with the africans

What is the drums history?

Have a look at this web link:

What is the history of a tom tom drum?

A tom-tom drum (not to be confused with a tam-tam) is a cylindrical drum with nosnare.Although "tom-tom" is the British term for a child's toy drum, the name came originally from the Anglo-Indian and Sinhala;[1] the tom-tom itself comes from Asian or Native American cultures. The tom-tom drum is also a traditional means of communication. The tom-tom drum was added to the drum kit in the early part of the 20th century.The drum kit1 Ride cymbal | 2 Floor tom | 3 Toms4 Bass drum | 5 Snare drum | 6 Hi-hat

Who is the all American rejects's drum player?


Do Americans use conga drum?

yes the conga drum in used in some American music. It is not the common though

What is the history of the tenor drums?

The tenor drums that is widely used today evolved from the field drum. The field drum was widely used in Europe from the late Middle Ages.

Which group carries the American flag in a drum and bugle corps?

color guard

What sort of musical instruments were popular during the American Revolution?

THEy used drum for dancinq.!

When was the Bongo drum created?

They come from Africa, their origin is probably before any history was kept in the area.

What has the author Robin Riley Fast written?

Robin Riley Fast has written: 'The heart as a drum' -- subject(s): American poetry, Indian authors, History and criticism, Indians of North America, Intellectual life, Indians in literature

Which is the largest drum in drum kit?

Typically the largest drum on a drum kit is the Bass drum.

What is the history of drum?

The History of drum goes back to when you were a baby. You beat on things with other things, you liked the sound. Cultures around the world have used drums from pre-history. You can find examples in all parts of the globe. Africans would lay their hands on trees, or felled logs, to feel the natural vibrations. When they found a tree with a vibration that moved them, they would select that tree to carve for a drum. Then they would play the very same rhythm of the live tree on the new drum, and pass that rhythm down with the drum for generations. This was the origin of many popular beats we still use today. As the wind moves the branches of a tree, lay your hand on the tree and keep very still. On many trees you can feel syncopated vibrations that are suitable for drumming. Notable Distinct Drumming cultures include, West & Central African, Latin, Polynesian, Japanese, Indian, North & South American, Celtic, and Morraccan.

What has the author Mickey Hart written?

Mickey Hart has written: 'Grateful Dead 2005 Calendar' 'Planet drum' -- subject(s): Drum, Folk music, History, History and criticism, Music, Musical meter and rhythm, Origin, Origin of Music, Percussion instruments, Percussion music 'Songcatchers'

What is the native American translation for the word drum?

Cherokee: Ahulihand drums are the ones that are sometimes called "tomtoms" by non-native people--contrary to popular belief, tomtom is not an American Indian word, but rather an old British word for a child's drum toy.

What are facts about a bass drum?

The bass drum is the biggest drum in a drum kit set. :)

Does 2005 dodge neon have disk or drum brakes on rear?


What is another name for a snare drum?

Military drum & Field drum

What kind of instrument would most likely describe the ancient meso American huehuetl?

kettle drum

What company makes the CB700 Internationale drum set?

CB Drums Actually they started out as Pearl Drum company's entree into the American drum market. They were originally marketed as "house" brands for west-coast music stores. There are many different versions about them but "Carl Bruno" had something to do with them.

What drum has a foot pedal?

The bass drum of a drum set.

What is drum rim?

the drum rim is the outside of the snare drum.

What vibrates when a drum is played?

The drum heads and the drum shell.

What is the name of the drum in the middle of a drum kit?

bass drum

What is the centre drum in a drum kit called?

bass drum