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The English dictionary is important in many ways. It helps us define and spell words. This is fundamental for all of us to communicate. It also provides us with a history of roots, words, and definitions.

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English dictionaries are important for providing definitions, pronunciations, and spellings of words in the English language, helping users understand and use words correctly. They also serve as a reference tool for language learners, writers, editors, and anyone looking to expand their vocabulary or improve their language skills. Additionally, dictionaries help standardize language usage and promote clarity and communication in written and spoken English.

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Thoughts can be ideas, mental images, sounds, or feeling original (created by your imagination), memories, or any combination of these.

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to read, to speak ,to spell.

PS: grammar sucks

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Q: What is the importance of English dictionary?
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The Oxford English Dictionary with more than 600,000 words is the largest English to English dictionary.

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The English and French dictionary

How was Websters dictionary different from British Dictionaries?

The British dictionary have British English and the Webster dictionary have American English

When was Oxford Dictionary of English created?

Oxford Dictionary of English was created in 1998.

When was Oxford English Dictionary created?

Oxford English Dictionary was created in 1989.

When was A New English Dictionary created?

A New English Dictionary was created in 1702.

When was English Dialect Dictionary created?

English Dialect Dictionary was created in 1898.

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