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Q: What is the importance of computer network in the movie die hard 4?
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How can you access a computer's hard drive from another computer?

A home network should work

What is the difference between a local application and a network application?

A local application is stored on a computer for use on that computer. A network application is stored on the server/host computer for use on all computers on that network and by all usersLocal applications are stored on the local hard disk and they run on the computer where they are installed.

How do you access a computer's hard drive on your network?

The computer needs to have a shared folder and both computers need to be on the same workgroup. You can type "\\computername" in the address bar of Windows Explorer or just browse in My Network Places -> Entire Network.

In a computer network what type of computer controls resources?

The file server. It's essentially a large-capacity computer (with lots of RAM and a huge hard-drive) - that shares the programs and memory (resources) with each terminal connected to the network.

In the computer network what type of computer controls the resource?

The file server. It's essentially a large-capacity computer (with lots of RAM and a huge hard-drive) - that shares the programs and memory (resources) with each terminal connected to the network.

In a computer network what type of computer controls the resources?

The file server. It's essentially a large-capacity computer (with lots of RAM and a huge hard-drive) - that shares the programs and memory (resources) with each terminal connected to the network.

What is the purpose of network attached storage raid?

Network Attached Storage is short for NAS, which is computer storage connect to a network. RAID is a hard drive or storage container, which provide access to the file network.

Is it possible to download saved programs from a DVR dish network external hard drive to you computer?

Yes why yes it is! How? I plugged my hard drive into my computer and I kept getting an "insert disk" message. The computer recognized the hard drive, but didn't read the files.

How hard is it to install a wireless network, and do I need to hire a professional to do it?

With some bacic technical knowledged a computer novice can set up a basic network.

What is the cord called that you use to connect your xbox 360 hard drive to your computer?

Cat5e Network Cable.

How can I pull the files off of my old Hard Drive?

(The following assumes that the hard disk is still in working condition.) If the hard disk is in a computer, you can connect it with another computer over a network, and copy the files over the network. You can also connect the old hard disk to your new computer (using a second hard disk cable); in this case, if you manage to make it work, you can copy the files from one disk to another. In this case, the copying itself should be much faster than copying files over a network.

What is hard drive Q for?

Any hard drive can be assigned any letter. It is possible that drive Q could be a network location on another computer, or a virtual drive created by a program on the computer.

Are hard drives always intalled inside the system unit of a computer?

Assuming that when you say system unit of a computer you mean the computer case A.K.A. the tower, then no, hard drives are not always installed internally. Hard drives can be in external enclosures, hard drive docks, and even network attached devices.

What makes one PC appear to have a new hard drive that is really hard drive space on another host computer?

network drive map

How do you know if you have a hard drive if you will not open your computer?

If you can boot your computer without connecting or inserting anything and not being connected to a network, its pretty safe to say you a hard drive. Booting a computer without using one of the above methods is possible, but rare.

What can you do after BE in computer engineering?

programming. Hard design software. Working with network. and any other work-related to information technology.

Where can one purchase a network external hard drive?

Someone looking to purchase an external hard drive for a network can do so at any computer peripheral store. One may also find a great deal on Amazon or eBay.

What can be used to transfer files from a computer in one office to a computer in the next office?

If the two computers are on the same Network, you can setup File Network Sharing on the computer that has the files to be transferred.Depending upon the size of the files to be transferred, You can use a USB Flash Drive to transfer files form one computer to another.If the files are large and you need to transfer files to and from each computer, You can use a Portable Hard Drive.If there are Many computers on the network that need the resources of many files, You can use a Network Hard Drivewhere it can be centrally located so all the computers can store and receive files from.

What does the computer hard drive do?

What does the computer hard drive do?

How can I make a new spot on my wireless network for my files?

Your wireless network has not storage capability itself. However, it is connected to computers and hard drives. So if you are running out of space add a new hard drive to your computer and share it, then it is accessible via the wireless network. Certain routers like Apple Airport Base Stations allow you to attach a hard drive directly to it, creating an instant network drive.

Describe the various types of computer memory?

There are a variety of types of computer memory. These include removable drives, network and internet storage, hard drive, as well as ROM/BIOs.

What is an internal peripheral?

Internal peripherals are computer accessories that are installing inside the computer. Some examples include a television tuner card, a network card, or a second hard drive.

What are 5 storage devices used in computer?

- internal hard drives - optical drives - external hard drives - external USB sticks - NAS (Network Area Storage)

How can one break into a computer network?

It's not that hard, especially if you have static ip address network. If you have a router within your network just set up mac address filtering rules. It will be really hard to connect to such network, but possible especially if you have Linux based OS (changing of mac address with a mac address from the router white list).

Does AIM ruin your computer?

AIM has, in the past, come bundled with spyware (such as WildTangent). Spyware can slow down your computer by wasting your hard drive space, processing power, and network bandwidth.