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Q: What is the importance of soybeans?
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What are the importance of soybeans?

what are the importance of soybean

What is the importance of soybeans in Missouri?

soy sauce for Chinese restaurants

What are some crops grown in Missouri?


Are soybeans monocot or dicot plants?

Soybeans are dicots.

Do you spell soybeans with a space?

No. It is one word: soybeans.

Who buys US's soybeans?

People who eat soybeans obviously

What are soybeans called in Hindi?

Soybeans are called "soyabeans" in Hindi.

What are soybeans called in India?

Soybeans English is an official language their

What are the byproducts of soybeans?

Soybeans can be used to produce biodiesel fuel.

Which bio mass is used to make bio diesel?

Soybeans, vegetable oil,Soybeans, vegetable oil,

Can horses eat soybeans?

YES they can!! My horse is on a diet of soybeans and sweet feed (more soybeans than sweet feed). Soybeans act as a filler and are packed with protein. They fill your horse out beautifully.

How does Iowa grow their soybeans?

To grow soybeans, Iowa farmers:prepare the fieldsplant the soybean seedscultivate and/or protect the cropharvest the soybeans, usually with a combine harvester

How many calories in soybeans?

1 cup of cooked soybeans is about 298 calories.

Is soybeans a GMO food?

Yes, soybeans have been genetically modified, though there are non-modified varieties of soybeans. Commercially, at least 70% - 80%, possibly more of the soybeans grown in the United States are GMO.

Where are soybeans grown?

Soybeans are primarily grown in the Corn Belt in the U.S. Typically soybeans are grown in rotation with corn. So if a location grows corn, they mostly likely grow soybeans too. Brazil also grows a large percent of the world's soybeans, about +/-75% of the US yield.

How many cups is 100 grams of soybeans?

80 grams of soybeans = 1 cup

How much oil do soybeans make?

Soybeans yield up to 20% of its weight in oil.

What is the difference between soy protein and soybeans?

Soy protein is the protein that is extracted from soybeans.

Why are soybeans important in Iowa?

Iowa ranks among the leading states in production of soybeans.

Which U.S state grows more soybeans Iowa or Washington?

Iowa by far, it is the leading U.S. state for soybeans production. Washington does not grow soybeans to speak of.

Are soybeans a food crop?

yes....because soybeans are part of classification of crop plants.soybeans are ligiumes.

Where are soybeans planted?

The United States, Argentina and Brazil are the three top world producers of soybeans.

Cubic feet of a bushel of soybeans?

One bushel of soybeans contains about 1.244 cubic feet.

What color are soybeans?


Are soybeans grown in Arizona?