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What is the importance of studying business law to a business student?

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The main reasons are:

1. to make a student aware about law

2. law is helpful in maintaining business in legal ways. hav secuerd business.

4. To make us aware of the legal issues involving businesses and how to deal with them.

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What is the Impact of studying law?

of what importance is studying law to a business student?

What is the impact of studying law to a business student?

reasons why business law is relevant to entrepreneur student

What is the importance of studying company law to a business student?

A business student needs to understand company law so that they know how to guide their company from getting in legal trouble. This knowledge also makes them very impressive to potential employers.

What are the importance of business law for a pakistan's student?


Importance of studying law for MBA students?

Its important for an MBA student to study law because, he/she gets better understanding of principals and methods of a successful business tactics and strategies.

Why is law important as a business administration student?

Law is only important for Business student if they enroll themselves in to their own business.

Necessity of learning business law as a student of bba?

Necessity of Learning Business Law as a Student of BBA

Importance of studying law?

studenys of are not lawyers/advocates to be,its of no use to teach them law,comment.

Can you do business without studying business law?

IF we like business then why study is important nothing is important in business

Importance of law in business?

* * * or hearing. * individuals. *

What are the importance of studying sources of law?

It affords the means by which authoritative written materials are derived

What is the importance of business law to an entrepreneur?

copy right

What is the benefit in business law to a student who is not aspiring to become a lawyer?

Business law is one of the courses that most business students have to take. A well rounded student should know something about policies and law in business when they are running a business, even if they aren't a lawyer. Good business people have some understanding of the law so they can conduct their business in a legal and correct fashion. Taking business law in no way means you are on the path to law.

Why do you think law is important to you as a business adminstration student?

The study of Law for a business student is very important. A BBA student when starts their job, they must have sound information of Law in order to run the day to day routine work of the organization. On the other side, if a BBA student starts a business he must know the rules and regulation in order to smoothly run the business functions.

How can business law help student to be aware about it?

Business students must know about the legal law and issue basics. The business students usually indulge in their business or opt to do job in any organization of their choice. In both the conditions business student has to plan and execute daily routine tasks which are very much linked with law and legal issues. In this way Law information which business student study is executed in the practical life.

Importance of Business Law?

Business law is very important to a person that is going to be running a business. The laws need to be obeyed so that the business does not wind up in court.

What is the importance of business law to managers?

If they break laws, they can get arrested or fined and it's bad for business.

What is the importance of studying business law to a business education?

The study of law is very important for our business. Ignorance of Law is no excuse in the practical life. When we study about the law relating to our daily transaction we can perform well and demand that other also perform well. In the history of the world every body wants to less and demand more from the others. The study of law helps us to improve our selves and do our best. With law we can protect our business from errors and frauds, misrepresentation. Abdul Rehman Baig Advocate HC.

Which suject did harry styles say he was interested in studying at collage?

Law, sociology, and business

Can a student apply for law school with a Bachelor of Science in Business degree?

Yes, you can apply with a BS in Business. Most law schools will look quite favorably on a BS in business.

The importance business law to foreign direct investment?

I want you to please provide me an answer for this question

What classes should I take for business law?

This depends upon what you want to learn about. There are different kinds of law such as international law, patent law, studying for the bar, that will determine what different classes you should take.

What degress do you need to become a lawyer?

The coursework depends on which sector of law a student prefers to practice. The most common is criminal law, business law, family law. Core classes consist of psychology, public speaking and business administration.

What is the importance of computer to law?

what is the importance of computer to law.

Was Millard Fillmore a good student?

He was very bright. He was not allowed to go to school as a boy but when he had his chance, he was a very good student, quickly learning to read and write, studying law and passing the bas exam.