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In Great Expectations the fairytale mode breaks "the homeopathic rhythm" by which the system of secondary (connotative) meanings are brought together to constitute the "real". It renders as strange and alien what domestic realism would seek to represent as familiar and internally integrated. Retaining the subversive charge and the painful ambiguities inherent in its original form, the fairytale mode in Great Expectations enables us to see the world of the elite from a new plebeian

point of view, and it does so only because it breaks free from the hegemony of the ways in which those with access to power and education represent that world.

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The Fairytale mode in "Great Expectations" serves to enhance the storytelling by introducing elements of magic and wonder, adding depth to the characters and themes. It helps convey complex emotions and moral lessons in a more engaging and imaginative way, making the novel more captivating and thought-provoking for readers.

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Q: What is the importance of the Fairytale mode in Great Expectations?
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