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Same as the importance of your brain to your body. It controls everything.

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it tells and instructs the cell hat to do, at any time.

The nucleus in the "brain" in a cell. It holds the DNA and controls most processes throughout the cell. When the cell splits, the DNA replicates in the nucleus.

The nucleus controls all actions of the cell, and without the nucleus, the cell would die because it doesn't know how to do anything without the nucleus telling it how to survive and what to do to survive. If there is no nucleus, there is no cell, no cell means no life, no life means we are dead.

The nucleus controls and tells each part of the cell what to do.

it helps the sell keep its shape, therefore the cell will not spill out.

The nucleus is important because it contains the genetic material for our cells to divide and develop

Nucleus in an atom plays an important role in keeping electrons in specific energy sates. Nucleus regulates all the activities in the cytoplasm of a plant or animal cell. Nucleus in a cell houses the DNA.

The nucleus is important in the life of a cell because it contains DNA and RNA and can sometimes be the center of the cell. A nucleus that holds the genetic code is an advanced feature in a cell which is not very common. ok i just told you ty

The nucleus of a cell keeps the cell going because its the mainframe of a cell so it controls what happens within a cell,what the cell does and how the cell will be used.

Containing the blueprint of Life.

The nucleus in an animal cell is located in the center of an animal or plant cell because it controls the movements of materials in and out of the cell as it contributes in the life span of a cell

A cell wall protects the cell and a a nucleus supports life for it.

it's like your Brain, it controls everything....

The nucleus is a membrane bound section of the cell that contains the genome. The function of the nucleus is to protect the genome from the possibility of being mutated

The nucleus produces genetic material such as DNA Questioned answered by someone with no life.

It is controlled by the nucleus. So the real question is- How does a cell's nucleus carry out life functions?

The nucleus of the cell is the brain of the cell.

The cell is very important. This is because it is the basic unit of all life on earth. Without the cell life would not exist.

A nucleus does not have a cell. A cell has a nucleus. Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus.

The nucleus controls the cells activities and also contains the necessary genetical information required for cell division or mitosis.

Control all life activities of the cell and stores hereditary informations

Nucleus of a cell has millions of atoms.So cell nucleus is much bigger.

The nucleus is the control centre of the cell. The nucleus tells all other organelles what to do and therefore controls the different processes of each and every cell.

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