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What is the importance of the nutrient cycle?

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Food nutrient cycle is a process by which nutrients are passed from living things to non-living things in a continuous cycle.

Nutrients are the chemicals needed by all living things and are continually cycled through ecosystems.

Examples: Water, Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous.

Water - to drink

Carbon - plants absorb to created oxygen

Nitrogen - Plants gather it from the atmosphere (we can't use it in this form), the Nitrogen is converted into Nitrates which plants use and then released back into the atmosphere as nitrogen.

Phosphorous - absorbed by plants.
All of the life on earth revolves around a few key nutrients and in combination with energy form the sun it is theses nutrients which are required by all of earth's producers. These nutrients are essentially contained within a closed system on earth, which means no nutrients enter or leave the biosphere in large quantities. For this reason there is a limited amount of the essential nutrients available to the producers, so the available nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus must be recycled and reused by organisms. The recycling of these nutrients involves interactions between both the living organisms and the physical environment, so they are called biogeochemical cycles. These cycles are often considered to be "leaky" since nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus may be carried away in rain water to the deep ocean where it is removed from the cycle, other sources of nutrient loss include harvesting and burning of organic material. The following nutrient cycles are of utmost importance to all life and earth and are reported on thoroughly.

Nutrient Cycles:

· Water Cycle

· Carbon Cycle

· Nitrogen Cycle

· Phosphorus Cycle

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What are the importance of phosphorus cycle?

Importance of PhosphorusPhosphorus, mainly in the form of the ions, is an essential and important nutrient of both animals and plants. hope it will help you!!

What is the food nutrient cycle?

Food Nutrient Cycle- The food nutrient cycle is a process by which nutrients are passed from living things to non-living things in a CONTINUOUS CYCLE.

What is bacterias role in the nutrient cycle?

the role of bacterias in the nutrient cycle is to chupa

Why would the nutrient cycle be incomplete without decomposers?

no,because the decomposer is important in the nutrient cycle

How do nutrient cycle occur?

nutrient cycle is the process by which nutrients are passed from living things to non-living things in a continuous cycle.

What can be a sentence using the words water cycle carbon and nutrient cycle?

Water helps carbon and other elements to complete the nutrient cycle.

Matter cycle in rain forest?

there is water cycle, gas cycle, and nutrient cycle

Why are you considered a part of food nutrient cycle?

they considered part of food nutrient cycle becausefood all living things need food

What food nutrients do the producers in the constructed food nutrient cycle contain?

the answer is the food nutrients si do with producers if the food is constructed of nutrient cycle?

What is the importance of cardiac cycle?

The importance of cardiac cycle is to sustain human life.

How does nutrient cycle in the arctic tundra?


What are insects role in the nutrient cycle?

in a house?

How do people affect the nutrient cycle?

they die

How does deforestation affect the nutrient cycle?

because it wreaks the soil in the water cycle

How do human activities affect a nutrient cycle?

Human activities effect a nutrient cycle by increasing the amounts of nutrients in the cycle faster then natural biotic and abiotic processes can move them back to the stores.

State an importance of water in your circulatory system?


What does a food nutrient cycle mean?

Nutrient Cycle, is a general term for the course traced by any particular life-essential substance as it moves through the physical and biological environment. The nutrient cycle is a basic concept in ecology. Essential nutrient cycles include those of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and water. Many other elements and compounds are also essential, even if only in trace amounts. Nutrient cycle is the process by which nutrients are passed from living things to non-living things in a continuous cycle.

What happens if plants die?

The nutrient cycle stops!

What is the earthworms role in the nutrient cycle?

It is its food and where they live.

Is solar energy important to the nutrient cycle?

Yes it is.

What is the importance of cotyledon?

The cotyledon is the nutrient storage area of the seed.

What is role of trees in nutrients cycle?

you need oxygen to breath so that is how the nutrient cycle is important.

What nutrient tends to cycle within a single ecosystem?


Which nutrient tends to cycle within a single ecosystem?


What is a nutrient cycle of the tundra?

A nutrient cycle of the tundra is carbon. Tundras are treeless areas that are located in higher latitudes. The majority of tundra lands are found in Russia, North America, and Scandinavia.