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What is the importance of the phonograph?

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it's important because the phonograph is what soon developed the telephone and now the cell phone.

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why was the phonograph invented

a phonograph record is the vinyl (or shellac on glass or hard wax) disk or cylinder containing a sound recording.a phonograph is the machine for playing phonograph records.

The phonograph played softly, its needle skipped, then it was back on the groove again. There was a phonograph at the back of the club, it was playing miles davis. The phonograph is also know as the record player. The phonograph is a device that plays sounds from wax. If you do not know what a phonograph is then look it up on wikipedia.

It is rare to see a phonograph now. A phonograph is also called a gramophone. A modern equivalent of a phonograph would be a CD player.

the first phonograph it doesnt have a name or anything except phonograph

the purpose of a phonograph is to play music

Thomas Edison perfected the phonograph.

The phonograph was made in October of 1877

you clik on the bag and then you click on the phonograph

what is the purpose of the phonograph by thomas alva Edison

Bell is to telephone as Edison is to phonograph.

The phonograph was the predecessor of the gramophone.

No, the phonograph was like a record player.

Thomas Alva Edison invented the phonograph.

There are 3 syllables in phonograph.

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877.

Phonograph cylinder was created in 1877.

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Alba Edison in 1877. He invented the phonograph in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Alba Edison in 1877. He invented the phonograph in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

Thomas Edison Built The First Phonograph In 1877.

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Thomas Edsion invented the phonograph and the light bulb.

a phonograph?.....around 1910 by Alexander grahm bell.

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