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Q: What is the important of zoogeography in fisheries?
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What is topic of zoogeography?

Zoogeography is the scientific study of the geographical distribution of animal species.

Scientific names of fisheries?

Fisheries is an area with a large population of valuable ocean organisms. Some examples of fisheries are the Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Both very important

Why is gulf of Mexico important to the us?

Oil, fisheries and tourism.

What are the Importance of Fisheries?

Fishery is important because people eat fish

What terms are associated with population geography?

Biogeography , Zoogeography , Phytogeography .

Are fisheries renewable?

Yes, Fisheries are renewable.

Who governs the US fisheries?

The U.S. fisheries industry is managed by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS),

What has the author American Fisheries Society written?

American Fisheries Society has written: 'American Fisheries Society: Membership'

What is the difference between fisheries and fishery?

inland fisheries are done in lake orrivers marine fisheries are done in oceans

What is the study of the geographic distribution of plants and animals?

phytogeography and zoogeography respectively.

When did Mac Fisheries end?

Mac Fisheries ended in 1979.

When was Mac Fisheries created?

Mac Fisheries was created in 1918.