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Litmus paper

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Q: What is the indicator paper that turns blue in base?
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When a base is added to red litmus paper he indicator turns what color?


What turns universal indicator blue?

A base turns the universal indicator blue or u can say a alkali substance.

Does a base turn blue litmus paper blue?

yes a blue litmus paper turns red when put into an acid

Turns blue litmus paper to red?

Bases turn red litmus paper blue. Alkali (ammonia) Alkaline

How can you safely determine the difference between an acid or a base?

The DIFFERENCE ?! I think you mean distinguish an acid from a base, which needs an indicator, like red cabbage solution(turns yellowish with acid, darker with base) Phenolphtaline(Turns violet with a base) Red/Blue litmus paper(RLP turns blue with a base, and BLP turns red with an acid) and finally a pH meter/paper.

Do a acid or base turns the paper blue?

A base turn the color of the paper in blue.

What happens when a BLUE litmus paper is dipped in an acid?

Blue litmus paper turns RED in an acid. Red litmus paper turns BLUE in a base.

What are two examples of natural indicator of acid and bases?

Red litmus paper and blue litmus paper. Blue litmus paper turns red in the presence of an acid and red litmus paper turns blue in the presence of an alkali.

Does blue litmus paper turn red when placed in a base?

Yes, blue litmus paper turns red in an acid and red litmus paper turns blue in a base under most circumstances.

What color does base turns litmus paper?


Why do Solution of ammonia turns red litmus paper blue?

Ammonia is a base so it turns red litmus paper blue.

Is base turns litmus paper to blue?

Yes, remember, B for base and B for blue.