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The imput side of a transformr is called: Primary.

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Q: What is the input side of a transformer called?
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The incoming voltage from the current source to the transformer is called what?

The input voltage to a transformer is called "primary".

How do you locate the primary side of a transformer?

The primary side of a transformer is the side that get's plugged into the wall or other power source. It's the input.

When you have 12 coils on the output side of a transformer and 3 coils on the input side with 100 volts output what is the input voltage?


How a transformer works?

Whether a transformer increases or decreases the input voltage depends on the number of coils on each side of the transformer . thats the answer believe me its right !!!!!!!! ____

What is the function of step up transformer?

When the output voltage is higher than the input voltage that is considered a step up transformer. When the output is less than the input you have a step down transformer. Input is also called primary and output secondary.

If a dc voltage of 12v is added to the secondary of step down transformer and rating of transformer is 220 input and 12v output what will be the result from primary of transformer?

A DC voltage added to one side of a transformer has no effect on the other side.

How do you calculate input voltage of a transformer given both side high and low side impedances and also load with power factor?

The input voltage (primary) and output (secondary) of a transformer is determined by the manufacturer. Transformers are bought to accommodate the voltage that is needed on the primary side and to what voltage is needed on the secondary side.

What is the output side of a transformer called?

The secondary.

What is the load side of a transformer?

The load side of a transformer feeds the device, such as a light or motor. It is the output of the transformer. The input, or line side, provides the voltage that is to be transformed, either up or down, to supply the load side.AnswerA transformer's primary winding is connected to the supply voltage, and the secondary winding is connected to the load.

How many wires are input in a berry-type transformer?

1 wire is input in this type of transformer.

What is step up transformer?

transformer which is used to increase the voltage .output voltage is higher than input voltage by connecting a step up transformer . mainly used at transmission end (sending side)

Why cant a 18V battery be used as the input of a transformer?

The transformer needs AC at its input. The battery provides DC.

What is the significance of the number of coils on an input side compared to an output side?

For an electrical transformer the ratio of the coils on each side is the same as the ratio for the voltage change.

Difference between input and output transformer?

The 'input' side of a transformer is called its 'primary' side, whereas the 'output' side is termed its 'secondary' side. The ratio of its secondary to primary voltage is equal to the ratio of the number of turns in the secondary windings to the number of turns in the primary winding. So if, for example, a transformer's secondary winding has twice as many turns as its primary winding, then the secondary winding will produce twice the voltage applied to the primary winding.

Does a transformer boost electric energy?

The transformer doesn't "boost" energy. If the voltage on the output side is higher than the voltage on the input side, then the current is lower. The power (energy every second) on either side is the product of (voltage) times (current), and that product is the same on both sides of the transformer.

The ratio of coils on the input side of a transformer to coils on the output side is the ratio of the input voltage to the output voltage?

I think you mean 'turns' rather than 'coils' (a coil is made up of a number of turns). The answer is that, yes, the turns ratio is the same as the voltage ratio, for an ideal transformer.

Is possible to put 3 phase transformer primary as secondary and secondary as primary?

A: The only way can be possible if the transformer is an isolation type. Yes, you can put the input into the secondary side. This will create a step-up transformer.

What is output frequency of transformer?

transformer do not change the frequency of the input signal.

What will happen if give dc as an input to transformer?

You get useless heat -- the transformer acts like a space heater, but not intentionally. The transformer will burn up if the input power is high enough.

What is the reason if one phase very low voltage at LT side of 3phases distribution transformer?

transformer is busted; if input voltage is normal you have short circuit or open circuit somewhere

What is step up and step down transformer?

step-down transformer Transformer in which the output AC voltage is less than the input AC voltage. step-up transformer Transformer in which the output AC voltage is greater than the input AC voltage.

What happen if the secondary side of step down transformer supply a bigger voltage?

it would be called a step up transformer

How much output voltage is there if input voltage from a transformer is 32v?

It depends on the turns ratio of the transformer.

What is the cause of low voltage in a transformer?

Either the input voltage is too low, the transformer is defective, or the load on the transformer is too great.

A transformer decreases the voltage of an alternating current?

This type of transformer is called a Step-Down transformer. All transformers have an input to output ratio. The transformers that increase voltage are called Step-up, and the transformers that protect against surges are called unity gain. The Unity gain transformer has a 1:1 ratio and provide a mechanical way to isolate a source of voltage from a load.