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A few types of red bumps on the breasts can indicate a serious problem, and knowing how to differentiate between common bumps and problematic bumps is critical. Eczema is a common skin condition and common on the breasts too so if you have had eczema before and it appears the same and is on both of your breasts, it may be just another outbreak. However, if your regular eczema treatments (if you use any) don't clear it up soon, it is safer to have it checked by the doctor.

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2012-08-12 22:56:11
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Q: What is the itchy red bumps that look likes mosquito bites under breast and on breast?
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they are ever rashers or mosquito bites, nothing to worry about, just dont ichh them

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bug bites?

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Bed bugs! Burn down your house fast its all over the house u have no other options.

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usually a mosquito bites you and the reason you get an itchy little bump is because you are allergic to its saliva. usually a cure to this itch is hydroquarterzone crew. a

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