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It is believed planets form via accretion. However, due to the large size of Jovian planets, there would not be enough time for these to form via accretion. This presents the â??Jovian Problemâ?? which contends that since these type planets abound in planetary systems, there may be another way in which these planets may form.

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No, Pluto is not Jovian.

Jovian means related to Jupiter. There was also a Roman emperor called Jovian.

Yes, it is a Jovian planet.

it is a Jovian planet. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all Jovian, while Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are terrestrial planets.

Jovian Planets do not have a solid surface to stand on.

Ganymede is the largest Jovian Moon.

Saturn is a Jovian planet.

The Jovian Planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.... Jovian means Made of Gas.

Neptune is Jovian because it is a gas planet.

Yes, all the Jovian planets have moons.

The closest Jovian planet, aka gas giant, is Jupiter. Jovian means relating to Jupiter.

Jovian planets are also known as gas giants. There are four Jovian planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and NeptuneAnswer: Earth

Jupiter is the Jovian planet that is closest to the sun...

Saturn is a gas giant, so it would be Jovian.

The Jovian planets are gas giants and have no surface.

Jovian - emperor - was born in 331.

Mercury is not a jovian planet because all planets after Jupiter and Jupiter are all jovian planets. So Jupiter, Saturn , Uranus , Neptune and the poor old Pluto that was booted from the planets are all jovian.

Jupiteris classified as a Jovian planet.The adjective word "Jovian" means "pertaining to the Roman god Jupiter or tothe planet Jupiter". Jupiter is the archetype to which all of the 'Jovian' planetsare likened.By jove !

Jupiter is a Jovian planet. The word "Jovian" comes from "Jove," which is another name for Jupiter.

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are not "Jovian planets". They are called "terrestrial planets". The Jovian planets are the bigger "gas giant" planets.

The name of the Jovian Planets are: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune.

Mars is not a Jovian planet, so it is a Terrestrial planet.

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