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Looks like your wrong and if you call that searching your far too lazy any way I bourt all 4 of the virtual villagers and I am far too bored of VV1,2,3 and 4 now so I'm happy to share them... Here you go

Virtual villagers 1 : Name : <Barbara Davey> : Key Code : <0000NC-KAU3RJ-0JGAVC-VV88T0-089N6F>

Virtual Villagers 2 : Name : NG WU JUN> : Key Code : <0000JG-VYQTM9-UR2CVX-XJYK30-W76NVQ>

Virtual Villagers 3 : Name : <Randy Shi> : Key Code : <0000JU-CW0GQD-DUN7UE-J0JWJE-9WE0FM>

Virtual Villagers 4 : Name : <Jacob McDonald> : Key Code : <0000HQ-BG6RFZ-KPH5ZJ-967894-CMJM5G>

Hope you enjoy Virtual Villagers as much as I did. Max population all trophies and achievements plus all puzzles solved on all 4 :P And when number 5 comes out I will also post it because I will buy it ^^

virtual vilagers5 new believers is already out and by the way you don't need to buy it. you can get it for free with no time limits at , the only thing that is not the best about it is their are ads which are not very awesome.

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What are all of the virtual villagers called?

Virtual Villagers 1: A New Home Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers

What is Virtual Villagers 3?

The third game in a game sieries called Virtual Villagers.

What it the new virtual villagers called?

"Virtual Villagers 3: the Secret City" virtual villagers 5 new believers

How do you get tech points in virtual villagers 3?

The same way in the virtual villagers 1 and 2.

Where to buy virtual villagers 3 CD ROM?

Sorry you cant buy virtual villagers 3 on a CD Rom but you can buy it on this web site for your computer: villagers 3 Hope that helps PS you can buy virtual villagers 1(a new home) for CD Rom!!!!!

What is the unlock code for Virtual Villagers - The Secret City from Wild Games?

Virtual Villagers 3 : Name : Randy Shi : Key Code : 0000JU-CW0GQD-DUN7UE-J0JWJE-9WE0FM Have fun!! :)

What is the serial code for Virtual Villagers 4?

Virtual Villagers 4 Name : Jacob McDonald Key : 0000HQ-BG6RFZ-KPH5ZJ-967894-CMJM5G

How much does virtual villagers 3 cost in the UK?

Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City, is available to download on line for &Acirc;&pound;12.27.

Which is better virtual villagers 2 or 3?


What is key code of virtual villagers 5?

Have to buy it yourself Sorry

Can you get a virtual villagers 5 activation key?

yah if u buy it

Does virtual villagers 1 help you understand virtual villagers 2 3 4 and 5?

Yes it does i played number one a few times and then i tried the rest . Although i would say the best two games from virtual villagers is virtual families and virtual villagers 5

How do you get rid of the bees on Virtual Villagers?

if you mean virtual villagers 3 first you make a fire than have one of your villagers get a burned out torch by the bee hive

Where is the dog in virtual villagers 3?

there is no dog

What is the unlock code for virtual villagers 4 the tree of life?

Virtual Villagers 4 Name : Jacob McDonald Key : 0000HQ-BG6RFZ-KPH5ZJ-967894-CMJM5G

What is virtual villagers 4 called?

Virtual Villagers 4 will be called Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life.

When is Virtual Villagers 3 coming out?

Web site is the only answer. Virtual Villagers: The Secret City, or as you know, Virtual Villagers 3, will come out in the Spring of 2008. I do not know the exact date of when this new game will come out. But all I know is that it will come out in the Spring.

What is the activation code for virtual villager III the secret city on spin top games?

it doesn't work help me please how to get the key code for virtual villager 3 Virtual Villagers 3 : Name :Randy Shi Key Code :0000JU-CW0GQD-DUN7UE-J0JWJE-9WE0FM

Is there a way to make your villagers get sick on virtual villagers on the computer?

in virtual villagers 3 there is. If you finish the alcamey and then you can create a potion the makes your a villager sick. its a rose black orchid lotus a rose is located in the orchid by the hanging key the . Black Orchid is by where you bury the dead and the lotus is located by the bath !!!

Can the chief on virtual villagers 3 have a baby?

Well, on my Virtual Villagers 3, I have tried to get the chief to have a baby 2 times and it hasn't worked. So my answer is no. But keep on trying!

How do you solve puzzle 9 in virtual villagers 3?

You have to have the chief look after your villagers as they "push the statue"

Are there games like iamfam with out using facebook?

well, yes! yes there is, but, you'll need to download it though.some needs to be payed but some don'there are some:*Virtual families*Virtual villagers (can download with no payment and no time limits)*Virtual villagers 2 (can download with no payment and no time limits)*Virtual villagers 3*Virtual villagers 4*Virtual villagers 5(though I'm no sure if there is virtual villagers 6)*My life story*Life questHoped i helped, enjoy! :)

But they made a virtual villagers 4 when will they make virtual vlillagers 5?

virtual villagers 5 has already been made. it is called virtual villagers new believers.

What does engineering 3 get you in virtual villagers 2?

Getting engineering in virtual villagers gets you a hospital, It also gets you,if you buy culture 3, you can cut the vines bye the stream.

How do you fix the hosepipe in virtual villagers?

I believe you mean Virtual Families, there is no house pipe in Virtual Villagers.