Virtual Families (video game)

Virtual Families is a family life simulation game. You control your characters, decorate your home, take care of pets, and shop. Your characters have get married, have children, get sick, and have moods.

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Virtual Families (video game)

How do you get married on virtual families?

To get married on virtual familes you must get an E-mail. When you read this

E-mail make sure you check out the likes and dislikes. If they want kids. And other things you like to know about the person. Usually its the first email you get. So clean the house and pull weeds and shower. Then buy groceries before you get married. If you dont they will say they feel negllected. If you reject them you will get other proposals

Virtual Families (video game)

How can you remarry in the game virtual families?

If the person is relatively young, he or she will probably get another marriage proposal. In my case, however, the person is pretty old when their spouse dies, so they just get depressed and eventually die. There is no way to "marry off" your person without the help of the game.

Virtual Families (video game)

How long does it take for a baby to grow up on virtual families?

It takes 4 hours in real time

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you repair the birdbath on virtual families?

once a birdbath pump is available you buy it, place by the bird bath and place a person on it.

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you cure weakness on virtual families?

Usually when one of your little people is weak, you can just give them a fruit such as a peach or banana from the shop. You can also try buying healthy foods and feeding your family and eventually their health and energy will go up. If they continue to stay weak, then buy the doctor's consultant (stethoscope from the shop) and place it on the character and it will come back with what type of medicine should be bought to cure the weakness.

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you get the pool in virtual families?

You buy it from the store.

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you cure sickness on virtual families?


If this is a serious question, then I suggest you say 'Feeds Medicine' or something likewise.

Virtual Families (video game)

What does elated mean on virtual families?

I have no idea what virtual families is, but elated means extremely happy.

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you fix a toilet in Virtual Families?

From what little I know, you drag one of your able characters to the toilet and they should attempt to fix it. It might require one of them to have skill or certain materials, see what the messages say in the message bar.

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you kill parents in Virtual Families?

A fast way is to speed the time up or To kill the parents or the children you have to have exactly zero food in the refrigerator so that they can starve to death usually its the man that dies first but not always. Another way is when they are sick or ill as they would call it, you can leave them like that so that means do not bye any medicine and don't bye any sweeties or fruit for them. Well you can bye sweeties but sometimes that can make them better but sometimes its a nasty sweet and it can make your person die, not straight away but in the mean time they will die. To find out how they are dead is... you see them lying on there bed and then a letter will appear saying something like the memories of _________. If it was a parent that died you have to pick someone out of your kids to start the new generation. If you have accidentally do it wrong and done something that you weren't meant to be doing you can always start a new file all you have to do is click on the menu button on the bottom left then click the name then click start new file that way you can still look back at your old house and then look at your new house!

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Virtual Families (video game)

What does elated mean in virtual families?

Elated is an adjective that means very happy, in high spirits, jubilant.

Virtual Families (video game)

What do you do when the people are a bit blue on virtual families?

When your people are "a bit blue" praise them. Also give them candy and make them watch movies and stuff. Eventually it will turn to "happy".

-Hope i helped! 8)

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you get married in virtual families?

To get married all you need to do is adopt a little friend after that he/she settles in and a yellow letter will come on top of your screen. It means you have a email go to the computers and put you little person on the computer and it will say reading email. Then you get to look at the email it will be a marriage proposal and will have all the information about the person. Down the bottom are two buttons saying reject and marry. If you press Marry then he/she will come to your house and celebrate. If you reject another email will come later. Hope that helps :)

Virtual Families (video game)

How can you cure hiccups in Virtual Families?

Drag the person who has the hiccups onto the bathroom sink, they will drink water, and the hiccups will be cured. If it is the first time that you are curing hiccups, you will receive a trophy.

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you stop a leak in virtual families?

To stop a leak in virtual families you drag him/her to the big red tool cabinet in the work room and it will say fixing leaky sink. :)

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you kill your people in virtual families?

OKAY, well you can also let them not sleep not clean the house not pull weeds inject them with that shot meds as many times as possible then scold them alot not let them sleep or use the bathroom or anything if they even try to do tv scold them 10 times. Then get off and get back on in about 30 minutes and they will be on their bed and a ghost will come and wave to you then they both will disappear. And you will get a message saying sorry about the death of who ever died. then start a new generation

Virtual Families (video game)

How long does it take for a baby to grow on virtual families?

4hrs real time

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you paint the walls you virtual families?

Buy the paint first then in the inventory click it and click on a wall. I dunno if this will work. I play virtual families on PC tho so this should work never attempted to paint walls tho :(

Virtual Families (video game)

How long is it to have a baby on virtual families?

It takes four hours real time for the mother to stop nursing and then you have to wait until the parents are ready to have another baby; just keeping bringing them to each other. In some games the parents have another child while the other is still two years old.

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you stop the sink from leaking in virtual families?

Pick up a person then drag them to the workroom and get them a wrench

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you get the needs on virtual families up?

if you are talking about the virtual families on the ipod the you just keep giving them the green gloves but if u are on about the one on the computer i dont know its probably the same

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you have twins in virtual families?

The number of babies you can have on Virtual Families is randomly varied.

Nckalie's Better Answer: You need to buy 2 baby boost for each parent and try to have a baby. It also works with triplets! (3x for triplets)

Virtual Families (video game)

Do the children from virtual families that go to collage come back?

yes when one of your family members die then you can generate your family and pick one of the kids to take over the house

Virtual Families (video game)

How do you get energy on virtual families?

by letting your little people sleep not work.

Virtual Families (video game)

Can your child in virtual families get married?

Okay. After one of the parents die, you will start your second generation. You pick one of your children to run the house and then you start like you did at the beginning: get married - have kids - pass away


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