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The breeding season for king cobras begins in January. The female will lay her eggs two months after mating. The eggs incubate for 60 to 70 days before they hatch.

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How long is a king cobras pregnancy?

A king cobra's pregnincy is 60-70 days

How long can a King cobra?

King cobras can reach 18 feet (5.5 meters) in length.

What is an strange fact about king cobras?

They are not the most lethal snake species, that title belongs to the inland taipan. King cobras can reach ten feet in length.

Is king cobras the king of snakes?

is king cobras the king cobra

Are king cobras endangered?

No. King cobras are not endangered.

What are mother king cobras called?

King Cobras

How big are cobras?

They are on an average around 3-5 meters in length. Large king cobras can be as long as 6 meters long.A king cobra is up to 18 feet long .

Does a king cobra symbolize a gang sign?

the king cobra does symbolize a gang sign it symbolizes for the mickey cobras king cobras black king cobras spanish cobras young latin org cobras

Are king cobras red?

No king cobras are green and yellow

What are king cobras habits?

king cobras smell with their tongue.

What kingdom are king cobras in?

King cobras are in the animal kingdom.

Why do king cobras have hoods?

King Cobras have 'Hoods' because they do.

Do king cobras live in herds?

King Cobras live in herd of 6 . A herd of King Cobras is called a quiver.

What can king cobras not do?

King Cobras can't hear but the are very dangerous

Can king cobras eat bats?

No, bats eat king cobras

How many king cobras are there in the wild?

Approximately 748 King Cobras are Left.

What is the height of king cobras?

there length is about 6 ft long. they can stand about 2 1/2 ft.

Do king cobras hibernate?

I think king cobras sometimes hibernate but not all the time.

When do king cobras mate?

the answer to does king cobras mate is yes they do mate they mate in January.

What eats king cobras in the rainforrest?

The only animal that eats king cobras is the mongoose.

Do a lot of people hunt king cobras?

A lot of people do hunt king cobras.

What is the length of cobras?

The king cobra is the longest of all poisonous snakes, averaging 12 ft long but sometimes reaching 18 ft in length.

What predators eat king cobras?

Mongoose and birds of prey both eat king cobras.

How much king cobras are in the world?

No data. No one has inventoried all the King Cobras in the wild.

Why is the king cobra not a cobra?

King cobras are still considered to be cobras however they do not share the genus name of all other cobras. The genus of all true cobras is Naja, while the king cobra belongs to the genus Ophiophagus.

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