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Q: What is the kingdom of bamboo?
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What is the kingdom of a bamboo?


What is the kingdom phylum class order family genus species scientific name of bamboo?

Bamboo is classified under the Plantae kingdom, the order is Cyperales and the family is Poaceae. The class of bamboo is Liliopsida and the genus is Bambusa Schreb.

What is the kingdom of the giant panda?

the bamboo forest Really?! come on people.

What is the fastest growing thing in the plant and animal kingdom?

Blue Whale Bamboo.

What is the scientific name of bamboo tree?

The scientific name of a bamboo tree is called Bambuseae. It is a part of the kingdom plantae, the order poales, and the family poaceae.

What is the kingdom phylum class order family genus and species of a bamboo?

I dont no but i no its in the domain eukarya

How do you spell bamboo or bamboo shoots?


Where can you get bamboo?

We can buy bamboo in Bamboo Creasian imports direct quality bamboo products, factory prices - selection of quality Bamboo Poles: Bamboo Iron/ Solid Bamboo Poles; Quality Bamboo Fencing; Bamboo Wall Covering: Bamboo Matting/ Bamboo Woven Panels/ Bamboo Wall Panels; Bamboo Gazebo: Tiki Bar/ Tiki Hut/ Asian Thatching Roof Covers

Is bamboo poisonous?

Lucky Bamboo is not, Heavenly Bamboo is.

What different types of bamboo are there?

The different types of bamboo are the Clumping bamboo and the Running bamboo.

What is a shape of bamboo?

bamboo's are very long and pandas eat bamboo bamboo's are awesome

What is Chinese bamboo?

a chinese bamboo is a small and thiny bamboo

How is bamboo edible?

Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts are the edible.

Where do you get bamboo in India?

Bamboo is cut bush and cut into bamboo

Why are bamboo houses made out of bamboo?

because its bamboo house

What is Bamboo type of plant is a bamboo?

Bamboo is a type of grass.

How old is the bamboo in Bamboo Forest?

Circle lif of bamboo is 30years. Bamboo is used to harvested at 4 years old for building construction: bamboo poles for house, gazebo, tiki hut....., bamboo fencing, bamboo furniture, bamboo panels, bamboo fencing garden

What are the characteristics of a regular bamboo garden?

A regular bamboo garden will include various types of bamboo, such as hardy clumping bamboo, timber bamboo, and groundcover bamboo. Some rare types of bamboo can also be included.

Is it Bamboo or Bambo?


Are bamboo towels from recycled bamboo?

Bamboo towels are not from recycled bamboo per se, but from treated bamboo. Bamboo towels leave a light carbon footprint and can be recycled if chosen.

Does a bamboo is a vegetable?

Bamboo is a herb, bamboo shoots are used as vegetables.

What are the kinds of bamboo?

ArrowBlackChimonobambusa marmorea variegateChinese Goddess BambooDwarf WhitestripeDwarf YellowstripeFernleafGolden HawaiianHenonPhillippinoPleioblastus chinoSome of them I only had the Latin name for.Common Name search results for "bamboo""(culms exude "bamboo milk")" - Bambusa arundinacea"Arrow Bamboo" - Pseudosasa japonica"Bamboo" - Dendrocalamus asper"Bamboo Ginger" - Costus stenophyllus"Bamboo Grass" - Chasmanthium latifolium"Bamboo Grass" - Anemathele lessoniana"Bamboo Grass" - Eragrostis australasica"Bamboo Grass" - Anemanthele lessoniana"Bamboo Grass" - Paspalum fasciculatum"Bamboo Heath" - Leucopogon verticillatus"Bamboo Leaf Globba" - Globba Bamboo Leaf"Bamboo Leaved Oak" - Quercus myrsinifolia"Bamboo Lily" - Lilium japonicum"Bamboo Palm" - Pinanga coronata"Bamboo Palm" - Pinanga kuhlii"Bamboo Palm" - Chamaedorea microspadix"Bamboo Palm" - Rhapis excelsa"Bamboo Palm" - Chamaedorea seifrizii"Bamboo Reed" - Phragmites australis"Bamboo-Leaved Oak" - Quercus prinus"Black Bamboo" - Phyllostachys nigra"Blue Bamboo" - Drepanostachyum falcatum"Buddha bamboo" - Bambusa ventricosa"Buddha Bamboo" - Bambusa ventricosa"Buddha's Belly Bamboo" - Bambusa ventricosa"Buddha's-belly bamboo" - Bambusa ventricosa"Calcutta Bamboo" - Dendrocalamus strictus"Calcutta bamboo" - Dendrocalamus strictus"Castillon Bamboo" - Phyllostachys bambusoides"Climbing Bamboo" - Flagellaria guineensis"Common Bamboo" - Bambusa vulgaris"Cornish Hedging Bamboo" - Pseudosasa japonica"Dwarf Fern Leaf Bamboo" - Pleioblastus pygmaeus"Dwarf Sacred Bamboo" - Nandina domestica Dwarf"Dwarf White-striped Bamboo" - Pleioblastus variegatus"Dwarf White-Striped Bamboo" - Pleioblastus variegatus"Elegant Bamboo" - Phyllostachys vivax"Fernleaf Bamboo" - Bambusa multiplex Fernleaf (wang tsai)"Fish-pole Bamboo" - Phyllostachys aurea"Fishpole Bamboo" - Phyllostachys aurea"Fishscale Bamboo" - Phyllostachys heteroclada"Flat Bamboo-Orchid" - Iris confusa"Giant Bamboo" - Dendrocalamus calostachyus"Giant Bamboo" - Dendrocalamus giganteus"Giant Timber Bamboo" - Phyllostachys bambusoides"Golden Bamboo" - Bambusa vulgaris"Golden Bamboo" - Phyllostachys aurea"Hardy Bamboo" - Chamaedorea microspadix"Hardy Timber Bamboo" - Phyllostachys bambusoides"Heavenly Bamboo" - Nandina domestica"Himalayan bamboo" - Drepanostachyum falcatum"Himalayan Bamboo" - Drepanostachyum falcatum"Japanese Timber Bamboo" - Phyllostachys bambusoides"Kuma Bamboo Grass" - Sasa veitchii"Male Bamboo" - Dendrocalamus strictus"Mexican Bamboo" - Polygonum cuspidatum"Mexican Bamboo" - Fallopia japonicum"Mexican Weeping Bamboo" - Otatea acuminata"Mini Bamboo Palm" - Chamaedorea erumpens"Moso Bamboo" - Phyllostachys edulis"Nee Male Bamboo" - Dendrocalamus strictus"Sacred Bamboo" - Nandina domestica"Smooth Sheath Bamboo" - Phyllostachys vivax"Solid Bamboo" - Dendrocalamus strictus"Southern Heaven Bamboo" - Nandina domestica"Spiny Bamboo" - Bambusa arundinacea"Thorny Bamboo" - Bambusa arundinacea"Timber Bamboo" - Phyllostachys bambusoides"Umbrella Bamboo" - Thamnocalamus spathaceus"Vigorous Bamboo" - Phyllostachys vivax"Water Bamboo" - Phyllostachys heteroclada"Water Spinach 'Bamboo Leaves'" - Ipomoea aquatica Bamboo Leaves"White Fruited Sacred Bamboo" - Nandina domestica v leucocarpa

What type of bamboo do pandas eat?

just regular old bamboo from the bamboo forest all types of bamboo!

How do you use bamboo bridge?

explain about bamboo bridge. how made bamboo bridge. what are the uses fo bamboo bridge

Is a bamboo decomposer?

Is a bamboo a decompo