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The land in Newfoundland is made up of bays, peninsulas, and mountain ranges. The province is also considered quite rock in its landforms.

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How do people pronounce Newfoundland?

well , i live in st.johns Newfoundland and believe it or not newfoundlanders pronounce Newfoundland like "Newfinlan."......people from away it like new found land or like newfinlind

Is Newfoundland a land?


Where in Newfoundland did Cabot land?

Cabot landed at Bonavista, Newfoundland.

What is the land like in Newfoundland Canada?

Newfoundland has a lot of valleys and hills. Not always great for farming vegetables, But great for Grass & Hay, etc ..

Why is Newfoundland and Labrador named Newfoundland and Labrador?

There are two seperate land masses, yhe island if Newfoundland and then Labrador, a seperate land mass connected to the mainland.

Did John Cabot land in Newfoundland but think he was in Asia?

Acully,he knew it was Newfoundland.

When did Cabot land in Newfoundland?

in 1497.

What is bigger Nova Scotia or Newfoundland?

Newfoundland has about 5 times the land area of Nova Scotia.

Is Newfoundland a compound word?

Yes Newfoundland is compound word. The words are new and found, and land.

Where did the Vikings actually land in Canada?

In Newfoundland.

What country in Canada did the vikings land in?


What rhymes with Newfoundland?

hand band land

What land was explored by John Cabot?

the Newfoundland:)

What was Jacques famous for?

He was the first to land on Newfoundland.

What city in Newfoundland did the Mayflower land?


What was the first land the Canada's viking landed?


Where did leif ericsons land his ships?

Newfoundland, Canada.

What land did john Cabot explore?

Labador and NewFoundland

When did the vikings land in Newfoundland?

In the year 1002 or 1003.

Did john Cabot land near Newfoundland?


What are some major landforms in Newfoundland Canada?

rivers, oceans, lakes, and mountains aren't the land forms of Newfoundland

When did leif eriksson land in Newfoundland?

In the year 1002 or 1003.

What land was Newfoundland made up of?

Its in Canada if that's what your asking.

Where did Jacques cartier land on his first voyage?

newfoundland i think

What is leif eriksson's land called today?

Newfoundland, Canada.