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What is the landscape like in the Andes?

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What is the landscape like in Aconcagua?

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Andes (over 20.000 feet), so the landscape is mountainous.

Which mountain range dominates Peru's landscape?

The Andes

Which mountain range dominates perus landscape?

The Andes

What is the landscape of the Andes like?

Andes is the World's longest continental mountain range. It runs through seven countries in South America. Andes is a continual range of highlands with a total length of 7000 kilometers. There are also several high plateaus in Andes which have cities like Quito, Bogotá, Arequipa, Medellín, Sucre, Mérida, and La Paz.

Why are the Andes Mountains often studied?

The Andes contain the most extreme variations in landscape, vegetation and climate of any mountain group in the world.

What is the climate like in the Andes?

what is the climate like in the andes

What is Sudan's landscape like?

sudans landscape?

What is Egypt's landscape like?

egypt has a desert like landscape with the nile river running through it

What is the landscape like on the great dividing range?

what is the landscape on the great divide mountain range like

What is the land like in the Andes?


Which mountain range is bigger - The Andes or the Himalayas?

I'd like to know - Which moutain range is truly the largest. Is it the Andes, Rockies or the Himalayas? it is the Andes

What is the landscape like in Greece?

The landscape was mountainous and rocky. There are many valleys.

What is Japan's landscape like?

Japan's landscape is basically all deserts.

What is Honduras landscape like?

Honduras' landscape is mountainous, has plains, and it's coastal.

What was the Iroquois's landscape like?

the landscape of the iroquois enviroment was full of trees; forest

What is landscape like on Saturn?

There is no landscape, Saturn is a gas planet with no solid surface.

Landscape Paintings?

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What is the mountain range in south America?

The AndesThe AndesAndes.Andesthe Andes mountain

What is the landscape like in Africa?

africas landscape is all different. such as the amzon,mountains and lakes.

What is the landscape like in the tropical Rainforest?

The landscape in the Tropical Rainforest is Rainy and it has alot of trees.

What is the landscape like in the french alps?

the landscape is very cold, green, lush and snowy. the landscape is very cold, green, lush and snowy.

What is Portugals landscape like?


What is the landscape in Redon like?


What is Portugal's landscape like?


What is Hollands landscape like?


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