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What is the largest and smallest state in the pacific states?

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Alaska is the largest while Hawaii is the smallest.

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The smallest state in the Pacific states is Hawaii

Hawaii is the smallest US state on the Pacific coast. Washington State is the smallest of the mainland states on the Pacific Coast.

The largest state in the United States of America is Alaska. In addition, the smallest state is Rhode Island.

the largest ocean is the pacific and the largest coastline pacific or atlantic is alaska then florida then california...

Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest US State.

Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 US States.

Rajasthan is the largest state in India while Lakshadweep is the smallest.

Alaska is the largest state and Rhode Island the smallest.

Neither, Rhode island is the smallest state and Alaska is the largest state.

Smallest state is goa Largest state is rajasthan

Alaska, which is considered part of the Pacific Northwest, is the largest of the U.S. States. It has a total area of 663,268 square miles.

Australia's largest state: Western Australia. Australia's smallest state: Tasmania

California has the largest population while Wyoming has the smallest.

Rhode Island is the smallest and Alaska is the largest state.

largest state uttar pradesh smallest state arunachal pradesh

the largest population state is California and the smallest population state is Rhode island

largest: Alaska smallest: Rhode Island

California California, located on the Pacific coast of the United States, and is one of the country's largest states at 160,000 square miles.

Alaska, largest, Rhode Island, smallest.

Rhode Island is the smallest. Alaska is the largest.

the smallest state area wise is Goa and the largest state area wise is Rajasthan

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