What is the largest bank in Ukraine?

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PrivatBank is the largest commercial bank in Ukraine, based in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. The bank's primary owners include Ukrainian oligarchs, Ihor Kolomoyskyi and Henadiy Boholubov, with the bank being at the financial and management core of their Privat business group. On 16 August 2007, the name of PrivatBank's Latvian subsidiary, AS Banka Paritāte, was officially changed to AS PrivatBank as part of a strategy to strengthen the banking group's regional brand recognition

What is the largest bank note ever printed?

Largest Bank Notes \n. \nThe largest bank note the US ever printed was $100,000. It was intended for circulation between branches of the Federal Reserve and featured a picture of Woodrow Wilson. \n. \nOther large bills are:\n. \n . The $500 bill - William McKinley \n . The $1,000 bill - Gro ( Full Answer )

Where is Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe between Russia on the east,Belarus on the North, Poland on the west, and Romania, Moldova, andthe Black Sea to the south. On that map it is in the right middle. It is the largest country in Europe not including Russia becausethe most of the Russia is located ( Full Answer )

Which is the world's largest bank?

The worldâ??s largest bank in the world right now is Industrial andCommercial Bank of China with accumulated assets of $3.062trillion. The second one with total assets of $2.723 trillion isthe UKâ??s HSBC.

Who is the largest bank company in US?

As of 2014, the largest banking company in the United States is JPMorgan Chase and Company. The bank is headquartered in New York.

What it the largest Canadian bank note?

As of June 2014, the largest Canadian banknote is the $100 bill. In2011 and on through 2013, Canada began releasing polymer banknotes.

World's largest commercial banks?

\n30 April 2008: \n. \n1 \nBank Of America\n. \n\n2 \nHSBC\n. \n\n3 \nDeutsche Bank\n. \n\n4 \nSociété Générale\n. \n\n5 \nBarclays Bank\n. \n\n6 \nCitibank\n. \n\n7 \nABN AMRO Bank\n. \n\n8 \nBNP Paribas \n. \n\n9 \nState Bank of India\n. \n\n10 \nBanca di Roma\n. \n\n11 \nIn ( Full Answer )

Who are the Top ten largest banks?

The top ten largest banks in the US are ranked by worth. They arefrom largest JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, WellsFargo, Bank of New York Mellon, US Bancorp, HSBC North AmericaHoldings, PNC Financial Services Group, Capital One Financial Corp,and TD Bank US Holding.

What are the largest U.S banks?

Top ten banking groups in the world ranked by shareholder equity ($m) . The 2008 bank atlas was compiled by Moody's from commercial banks' annual reports and financial statements. [8] Shareholder equity is the assessment of a bank's value in its own markets currency valuation at a given point of ( Full Answer )

5 largest crowds at citizens bank park?

Top 10 as of 10/17/08. 1. 10/2/08 Phils-Brewers G2 NLDS = 46,208. 2. 10/3/07 Phils-Rockies G2 NLDS = 45,991. 3. 10/1/08 Phils-Brewers G1 NLDS = 45,929. 4. 10/10/08 Phils-Dodgers G2 NLCS = 45,883. 5. 10/9/08 Phils-Dodgers G1 NLCS = 45,839. 6. 8/17/06 Phils-Mets = 45,775. 7. 6/17/07 Phils-Tiger ( Full Answer )

What is the largest bank in Lebanon?

the two biggest banks in Lebanon are blom bank ( banque du liban et d'outre mer ) and Audi bank. the total assets in Lebanon banks amount to 94 billion dollars ( 2,5 times the size of the GDP ) the banking sector in Lebanon was one of the world best performers in the world increasing during the econ ( Full Answer )

What is the largest bank in Iraq?

The Bank of Baghdad ( BNKB on the Iraq Stock Exchange) is the largest commercial bank in Iraq. It was established in 1992. Commercial banking activities including deposits and loans; Financing activities including trade, industrial, agricultural and housing loans; investment services including re ( Full Answer )

What is the largest bank in El Salvador?

The largest bank in El Salvador is the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador (or Banco Central de El Salvador in Spanish). It controls the currency and also some economic activities in the country.

Where is ukrain?

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. It is the second largest country on the European continent, after Russia.

What bank is the largest in the US?

Citicorp/Citibank - The Citibank is the United States' largest financial service organization. The bank serves approximately 45 million customers in over 90 countries and territories around the world.

What is the largest bank in Kuwait?

There are a total of 10 local banks and 9 international banks currently operating in Kuwait. Asset wise, it is NBK followed by KFH (Islamic Bank) and Gulf Bank. - Top Banks in Kuwait: - Top Islamic Banks in Kuwait:

What are the 10 largest banks in Hungary?

Biggest Hungarian banks by assets value as of December 2009 (in EUR billion) 1.OTP Bank 36 2.MKB 11.5 3.K&H 11.3 4.Erste Bank Hungary 10.5 5.CIB 10.2 6.Raiffeisen Bank Hungary 8.8 7.UniCredit Bank Hungary 6.3 Source: rp.pl

What is the largest amount that a bank may loan someone?

Without more information concerning credit history, ability to pay, assets, and political standing, the question cannot be answered. Please provide more specifics and we will do our best to answer the question.

Which foreign bank have largest number of branches in India?

Standard Charter Bank, which originated in Africa and merged with Chartered Bank of India, has 96 branches in India. Its headquarters is in London, England. HSBC, also headquartered in India, has 50 branches in India.

Is 100 dollars the largest bank note in America?

Since 1969, $100 has been the highest-value bill officially incirculation. Before that the US printed $500, $1000, $5,000, and $10,000 billsfor circulation. A limited number of $100,000 bills were alsoprinted for use inside the Federal Reserve System but were nevercirculated. In an effort to thwart ( Full Answer )

What is the 10 largest US banks?

There are more than 1000 banks in United States of America. Some of the largest and prominent banks in USA are: . Bank of America . Bank of New York Mellon . Barclays . Capital One . Citigroup . Citizens Financial . East West Bank . First BanCorp . First Citizens . Goldman Sachs . HSB ( Full Answer )

Which bank is India's largest bank?

State Bank of India is the largest banking and financial services company in India, by almost every parameter - revenues, profits, assets, market capitalization etc.

Which is the second largest bank in India?

Punjab National Bank is India's second largest bank and it has branches in many countries across the world. They have more than 5000 branches in India and many branches abroad. Some of the countries where they have offices are: . Almaty, Kazakhstan . Kabul, Afghanistan . Shanghai, China . Dubai ( Full Answer )

Largest amounts you can deposit in banks?

No bank in any country around the globe can limit the amount of money that can be deposited into its accounts. It is your money and you can deposit it anytime you want and with any bank you want. If the amounts are huge, the banks may ask you to provide a source of income for regulatory reporting pu ( Full Answer )

Which is the largest commercial bank in India?

State Bank of India is the largest commercial bank in India by both Branch and ATM numbers. They have: a. 16000 branches (26000 branches if we include associate bank branches too) b. 21000 ATMs (more than 45000 ATMs if we include the ATMs of the associate banks too) They are also the largest co ( Full Answer )

Which Top 5 banks have the largest number of ATM?

Wells Fargo is ranked first, in part because of its Quicken-style tools for viewing your spending habits. Then again, second-place Citibank is better than Wells or third-place Bank of America at "money movement" -- the ability to funnel funds to another account, user or bank. Fourth-place E*Tra ( Full Answer )

Which city has largest number of bank branches in INDIA?

This is something that cannot be exactly calculated because almost all banks keep opening newer branches in major cities. If you take the four major cities of India (The Metro Cities) - Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras, they have numerous branches of all possible banks that are operational in Indi ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the largest bank in India?

The largest bank in India is State Bank of India. State Bank of India is a government bank. The Government of India owns the bank and controls the functioning of the bank. All employees of SBI are considered government employees and they are directly answerable to the government of India.

Which is the world's largest bank by market capitalisation?

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (ICBC) is the largest bank in the world by both profit and Market Capitalization. It has a market capitalization of over 200,000 billion USD. The only other banks that have a market capitalization in this range (of course lower than ICBC) are China Constru ( Full Answer )

What are top 100 largest banks?

The worlds leading banks (Ones that feature in the Top100 of the Fortune 500 companies list) are: . Bank of America . JP Morgan Chase . Citibank . HSBC Bank . Lloyds Banking group . Wells Fargo . Royal Bank of Scotland . Industrial and Commercial Bank of China . Barclays Bank . Unfort ( Full Answer )

Which Indian bank has largest ATM network?

State Bank offers you the convenience of over 21000 ATMs in India, already the largest network in the country and continuing to expand fast!

How can you get to Ukraine?

You can walk, run or swim, better ask them first though. Just a word of warning watch your back as you will probably get shot. It has been nice answering your question and I hope you have enjoyed your life.

What is the sixth largest bank?

The sixth largest in the United States is Morgan Stanley, New York The sixth largest bank in the world is Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited, Beijing, China

Which bank is largest public sector bank?

State Bank of India is probably the largest public sector bank in the world. SBI and its subsidiary banks have more than 17,000 branches in India plus many more across the globe. I don't think any other bank in the world has so many branches. There are other banks in india & the world with thousands ( Full Answer )

Is unicom bank of Ukraine is a prime Bank?

and where can one get a rating for Unicom Bank of Ukraine? No real Bank in this world can exchange RMA key with UNICOM BANK, because UNICOM is not a Bank at all, its just a three man including Security guard & office peon small room office, they managed to get a SWIFT ID by paying bribe to Ukraine ( Full Answer )