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over 8 feet it is 9 in a half feet so now u'v just ben played into a dumb answer i even no the answer man u so stupid

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Q: What is the largest exporter in south aferica?
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What is South Africa is the worlds largest producer and exporter of?


What is South Africa is the world's largest producer and exporter of?


What is the largest lake of in aferica?

lake victoria

Venezuela is South America's largest exporter of crude oil?


Where is the worlds largest exporter of copper is?

Brazil is the largest exporter of copper

Largest exporter of lemons in the world 2008?

India is the largest exporter of lemons.

Is the US the worlds largest importer and exporter?

The US is the largest importer China is the largest exporter then Germany then the US

Who is one of the world's largest oil exporter?

Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of oil in the world

Who country is the largest exporter for coal?

Australia is the largest exporter of coal ~ see related link below .

Western Europe's largest oil exporter?

Norway is the largest oil producer and exporter in Western Europe

Which country is the worlds largest phosphate exporter?

The United States is currently the world's largest phosphate exporter.

What are Thailand's main exports?

The world's largest exporter of canned pineapple and canned tuna,The world's number one exporter of rice, rubber, chilled fish and prawns,The world's largest exporter of precious stones,The world's second largest exporter of sugar and tapioca products,The world's third largest exporter of hard disks and integrated circuits.The world's fourth largest exporter of frozen chicken, maize and cut flowers.