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What is the largest living organism by mass?


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July 10, 2012 8:57PM

The largest living organism, by mass and also by length, is found among the Giant Sequoia Red Wood trees of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, U.S.A. Several "groves" of these trees can be found along the western slope of the Sierra's within California. The largest diameter tree ever found was 35 ft. in diameter (not circumference, 'diameter,' measuring across the width of the trunk). These trees exceed 350 ft tall. Some have been found to exceed 3000 years old. The Coast Redwoods of California's coastal mountain range would be the source for the second largest living organism type.

Some say that the largest organism is a specific fungus growing in Oregon, but it cannot be proven that this is, or is not a "colony" of may fungi, rather than a single organism. Some say the Great Barrier Reef is the largest organism but, once again, this is a very large cluster of many organisms, not a single organism.

The Male African elephants are the largest living animals on land, while blue whales are the largest animals in the sea.