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The smallest possible perimeter is 20-ft, but there is no largest possible perimeter.

You can make it as large as you want, with no limit.


5-ft x 5-ft . . . . area = 25 ft2 . . . perimeter = 20 ft

2.5-ft x 10-ft . . area = 25 ft2 . . . perimeter = 25 ft

1-ft x 25-ft . . . area = 25 ft2 . . . Perimeter = 52 ft

6-in x 50-ft . . . area = 25 ft2 . . . Perimeter = 101 ft

3-in x 100-ft . . area = 25 ft2 . . . perimeter = 2001/2 ft

1-in x 300-ft . . area = 25 ft2 . . . perimeter = 6001/6 ft

0.1-in x 3,000-ft . . area = 25 ft2 . . . perimeter = 6,0001/60 ft

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What is the formula of finding perimeter of a rectangle?

The formula for finding the perimiter of a rectangle is add up all of its sides

What is the formula to find perimeter of a rectangle?

to find the perimiter you just add up all the sides....Perimiter is the same for every figure.

What is the largest and smallest perimeter possible for a rectangle with a area of 100?

The smallest is just over 40 units. At 40 units it is no longer a rectangle but a square. There is no largest perimeter.

Is the perimiter of 11 by 12 rectangle smaller or larger than the perimiter of a sqare with the same area?

11 x 12 rectangle has a larger perimeter = 46 units The 132 square unit area will give a square a perimeter of 45.9565 units

What is a perimiter of a rectangle 4.5 meters x 1.5 meters?

4.5+4.5+1.5+1.5 = a perimeter of 12 meters

What is the largest and the smallest perimeter possible for a rectangle with a area of 24cm2?

The smallest perimeter is 4*sqrt(24) = approx 19.6 cm There is no largest perimeter.

What is the relationship between the length and width that will provide the largest area of a three sided rectangle?

There is no such thing as a three sided rectangle. They have four sides. Length and width of a rectangle being THE SAME (having a 1:1 ratio) will provide the largest area possible. In other words, for a given perimeter, a square is the largest rectangle. If you mean a triangle (which has three sides), then all sides being equal will still yield the largest area.

How do you Calculate square feet of a rectangle?

be more specific area=base x height perimiter= add all sides together

Is area inside the square or outside the square?

The area is the inside. The perimiter is around. If its a rectangle, to find the area you multiply the lengths of two sides

How does a regular scale measure?

it measures by perimiter it measures by perimiter

A rectangle has primeter 20mexpress the area of the rectangle as a function of the length of one of its side?

If the perimiter is 20 and one side is [[length]] then the other side is (10 - [[length]]). So the area is: [[length]] x (10 - [[length]]) square metres.

What is the length of a rectangle if the perimiter is 100 feet and the width is 20 feet?

The perimeter of a rectangle is twice the length plus twice the width.20' x 2 = 40'100' - 40' = 60'60' / 2 = 30'

How do you work out a square meter calculation for an uneven room?

I would start with the largest possible rectangle. What's left should be a collection of triangles.

What does 'perimiter' mean?

The outer boundary of a body or figure.

What is the perimiter of a rectangle if one side is 22 feet?

In order to know the perimeter of a rectangle, you need to know both its length and its width ... two numbers. One number isn't enough. If one side of a rectangle is 22 feet, then the perimeter of the rectangle can be any number greater than 44 feet. There are an infinite number of different possibilities.

Is it possible to draw a rectangle that is not a square?

By definition, no rectangle is a square - they are two different figures. If you draw a true rectangle, it is not a square - it is a rectangle.

What is the area of the largest square of a rectangle of 18 by 9?

Not sure if this is what is required, but the area of the largest square that will fit in a 18 by 9 rectangle is 9 by 9.

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