What is the largest screen size available on an led lcd tv?

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Currently the largest screen size available for an led lcd television is seventy inches. The diagonal measurment for the seventy inch screen is sixty-nine and one-half inches.
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How can I use my LCD TV as a computer screen?

First, the connections:If your PC has a VGA connector as the display output, you need to look for a VGA connector on the back of the television. Sometimes, you might find 5 separate connectors marked as RGBHV instead, but the VGA connector is most common.If your PC has a dVI connector, look on the t ( Full Answer )

Is it natural for LCD TV screen to heat?

Yes, but not excessively. Electronics get hot because electricity runs through them but they aren't supposed to get excessively hot.

Does LCD TV screen damage your eyes?

Well too much of anything can be harmful. If you turned the brightness of the LCD as high as it went and stared at a white flashing screen for some time I'm pretty sure that couldn't be "good" for you. But for general use I know of no one having eye problems from using an LCD monitor. Actual ( Full Answer )

What is the difference in a LCD and plazma screen tv?

A plasma TV is what is known as an emissive technology. Each pixelis like a tiny picture tube TV. They are coated with phosphor andglow when electricity is applied. Each pixel has a minute amount ofplasma gas in them. The picture comes right off of the surface ofthe screen. Contrary to the many myth ( Full Answer )

What is LED-LCD tv?

LCD displays use tiny liquid crystal shutters, one for each pixel that makes up the display. Behind the shutters is a light source that passes through the shutter when it is open. LCD displays have used a form of fluorescent lighting behind the shutters but increasingly, LEDs are being used as the l ( Full Answer )

Can you fix a cracked lcd tv screen?

Normally a crack in an LCD screen is the end of the screen. Replacement screens can sometimes be fitted but often, the cost of a new screen and fitting charges can exceed the cost of a new television. It is an unfortunate fact of life that automated high volume production techniques make a complete ( Full Answer )

Which is better LCD TV or LED TV?

There is confusion about LED televisions. LCD televisions require a light source behind the LCD panel. The liquid crystals act as shutters to let light pass and so they create the image. Conventional LCD television use cold cathode fluorescent lighting behind the LCD layer. More recently, LEDs a ( Full Answer )

What is better led TV or lcd TV?

so...The LED is going to be the latest and the greastest. The LED is going to give more of a brighter color off due to the side lighting instead of the lighting being in the middle of the picture. The LED are going to be more dynamic then an LCD. The LCD is still going to be a really good TV but wil ( Full Answer )

What is better LCD or LED tv?

An LED TV is considering to be of better quality when compared toan LCD TV. This is because the LED lights used in the panel areconsidered more energy efficient.

Where can a lcd tv screen be replaced?

Don't bother. Chances are the screen replacement would cost more than the TV originall did. Best advice, just buy another TV.

Is a led or lcd tv better?

It depends what you mean by LED. Liquid Crystal Displays need a light source, as LCDs produce non themselves. This light, used to be provided by Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamps (CCFL). These were delicate, failed after a while and used high voltage to run. Modern LCDs use white, Light Emmiting ( Full Answer )

What is the size of 42 LCD TV?

The 42 refers to the distance in inches from the top left corner to the bottom right. This would result in a width of roughly 40 inches and a height of about 25 inches.

Which is better LCD screens or LED screens?

With LED-backlit screens, we don't see this (and this can be demonstrated by Sony's LED-backlit screens, which have been on the market for a while). Finally, LED-backlighting will not show the same kind of long-term fading out that CCFL-backlights are known for. If you've owned a CCFL-backlit laptop ( Full Answer )

Can a broken screen be fixed on a lcd tv?

In these days of replacement rather than repair it is very likely to cheaper to buy a new TV than to have a damaged screen replaced. Spare parts have always been far more expensive than the cost of the original part and never more so than LCD display panels. If is also becoming something of a chall ( Full Answer )

What is a led-LCD TV?

I think because "ANSWERS.COM" thinks the question, What is an LED-LCD TV is the same question as What is better LCD or LED. At stores like Walmart, you see the display stating "Such and Such 22" LED/LCD HDTV", Is because nobody on the Earth knows if the TV they are selling is an LCD or an LED.

What is a LED TV and a LCD TV?

A LED tv is a LCD tv with LED backlighting. non led lcds have CFL backlighting or such (compact fluorescent LED tv's are different because they can be thinner and have a more dynamic brightness range (in general). The LCD means liquid crystal display and is just a type of display (opposi ( Full Answer )

What is better an LED or an LCD TV?

It depends what you mean by LED. Liquid Crystal Displays need a light source, as LCDs produce non themselves. This light, used to be provided by Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamps (CCFL). These were delicate, failed after a while and used high voltage to run. Modern LCDs use white LEDs, (Light Emmitin ( Full Answer )

How do you repair a nick on a LCD TV screen?

You can't actually "repair" a nick on an LCD screen. However, there are methods you can use to diminish the visibility of the nick. The effectiveness of these methods depends on the severity of the nick: 1 - Apply a small amount of Vaseline with a soft cloth or Q-tip. Wait about 10 minutes, and the ( Full Answer )

What is the largest size LG LCD TV monitor available?

The largest LCD T.V. I know of is the new 70 inch class manufactured by Sharp. Measuring 69.5 inches diagonally they boast 62 percent more screen area than a 55 inch class LCD T.V.

What is better and lcd TV or a led TV?

Although it still depends on its technical specification, in the vast majority of cases an LED TV will be better. LED usually has a sharper image as each pixel is being changed individually by a different diode meaning that the picture also changes quicker and smoother. . LCD TV is also known as Li ( Full Answer )

What are the various sizes of LCD TVs?

LCD TV's come a in wide range of sizes, from as small as 19 inches, all the way up to 102 inches. You can determine what size would be best for the room in which it will be placed by measuring viewing distance; that it, how far you'd be seated from the screen. Most manufacturers have recommendations ( Full Answer )

What is the largest size LED TV that Samsung makes?

Samsung makes a variety of televisions using the newly available LED technology. The largest of these TVs has received considerable media attention, coming in at an enormous 75 inches.

How many sizes are available for Sony lcd TVs?

There are at least 7 size ranges of Sony LCD TVs. Depending on what you are looking for, LCD TVs can be smaller than 20" or can be as big as 70"; normally, anywhere from 20"-70". However, if you require anything bigger, orders can be made online or by visiting an actual store.

Is lcd or led television screen best?

LED is a type of LCD. It vastly improves blacks, colors, and contrast for LCD. But it still suffers from motion blur problems. So you need one that is 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rate. The combination of LED and the refresh rate will cost you a LOT. DLP is a great price option for large sets, but its ( Full Answer )

What is LED and LCD tv?

Liquid-crystal display televisions (lcd), Use a lot of Power. Light-emitting diode (led) is using Half the power. So buy led tv!

Is an LCD TV better with LED?

Yes. LEDs use less power, use lower voltage, run cool and last longer. The white light is every bit as good as CCFLs.

What is better LED or LCD television?

Compared to the screen resolution as led defines better pixels led tv is best for high definition and blu ray videos. But LCD is also good in performance and is better warranted. If u buy an led tv u will have to shell out more cash on its maintainence whereas LCD does not require so much

Which is better LCD or LED for a television?

LED is a thinner/slick modern looking tv. It uses LED lights or light emitting diodes. LED TV's are able to produce a higher picture quality then the stander LCD TV. This is because of higher contrast ratios. LED TV's can show truer blacks and brighter whites.

Which is the largest OLED screen TV available in the market and what are the specs?

OLED televisions are very new in the market and products are changing fast. At present (June 2012) there are some 32 and 40 inch OLED models. Both Samnsung and LG have shown 55 inch screens at trade shows but neither are available at present. Expect prices in excess of $10,000 when they are sold. H ( Full Answer )

Which is durable led TV or lcd TV?

both are good reliable technologys leds last longer >100000 hours typically and lcds are not far behind but still last a long time

Which is better led or LCD tv and why?

Television technology is suffering from some confusing terms at present. LCD televisions use a light behind the liquid crystal panel. The light has been a cold cathode device but recently, LEDs have been used as an alternative. Both use the same LCD imaging technology. A true LED television uses ( Full Answer )

Is hot lcd tv screen dangerous?

LCD screens do get warm during normal operation mostly because ofthe heat given off by the backlights. LED backlit televisions runcooler than CFL models but they still do show a temperature rise. If the television is becoming hot rather than just warm, there maybe a problem with either the televisi ( Full Answer )

Which TV should buy lcd TV or led TV?

Depends. LCD is much cheaper initially but LED uses a lot less electricity. If you can afford the LED, that would be the way to go in the long run.

What is the largest screen size available for a Toshiba TV?

Toshiba currently has televisions with screen sizes (diagonal) from 23 inches to 65 inches. The largest model they make at this time is the Toshiba 65UL610U, a 65 inch screen that retails for about $4,500.00.

How does an LED TV differ from an LCD TV?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, while LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LED televisions give the viewer better picture quality, higher pixalization, and do not require the backlight of a traditional LCD television.

What are the best LCD TVs available?

There are many different LCD TVs available on the market today. If you're looking for a very highly rated LCD TV, Toshiba, Vizio, and Samsung are among some of the best on the market.