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Q: What is the last Date of entry test of hons in Hailey college of commerce Lahore Pakistan?
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Hailey College of Commerce in Pakistan?

On Hailey road Lahore, was the oldest commerce school in British west India.

How you can take admission in Hailey College of Commerce?

i want to take admission in B.COM part1 hailey college Lahore

Top 10 Colleges for intermediate in Pakistan?

1. Kinnaird college Lahore 2. Government college university, Lahore 3. Lahore college University, Lahore 4. Forman Christian college, Lahore 5. Aitchison college ,Lahore 6. PECHS college, Karachi 7. ST Lawerence college, Karachi 8. CAMS ,KARACHI 9. technology college ,Quetta and commerce college ,Peshawar

What is the old name of Punjab university of Lahore in pakistan?

before 1869 the old name of punjab university of lahore in pakistan is the lahore university college and after 1869 the name of p.u is / The punjab university.14 oct 1882 the name of p.u is punjab university college. NIMRA ASHRAF QUEEN MARRY COLLEGE LAHORE. 2nd year

Address of cmh Lahore?

CMH Lahore Medical College is situated in Lahore Cantonment in the vicinity of CMH (Combined Military Hospital) Lahore, on Abdur Rahman RoadAddressCMH Lahore Medical CollegeAbdur Rahman Road, Lahore Cantonment, Pakistan

What is the city of gardens in Pakistan?

lahore, lahore, lahore

Where is Lahore?

Lahore is in Pakistan, Asia.

What is old name for Lahore Pakistan?

The old name of Lahore Pakistan is Lavapuri

What is the postal code Lahore Pakistan?

54000 is the postal code of Lahore, Pakistan

Which are the top colleges in Pakistan for pre-engineering?

degree college aliabad hunza NAs government college university kinnarid college lahore.

How many women colleges in Pakistan?

6 Chartered women Universities are offering degrees in Pakistan including Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Kinniard College for Women University Lahore, Lahore College for Women University Lahore, Frontier Women University Peshawar and more. For list of Recognized Universities in Pakistan please visit the below related links

Top ten medical colleges of Pakistan?

In Pakistan, ranking of universities is determined by the HEC. The ranking list(alternative link) is available at the following website: