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That is the last date in which the book was published or sent to print.

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Q: What is the last publishing date in a book?
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Where can you find the last publishing date in a book?

Most books have the date inside. Flip open the book and look at the back of either the first or second page. Generally the date is listed along with all of the publishing info.

What is publishing date for the book hatchet?


What is the publishing date of the book halo?

There are many Halo books.

When is the date for publishing Seekers book three by Erin Hunter?

It's already out.

When does the last book of the Artemis Fowl series come out?

The next book's, Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex,publishing date is July 20, 2010 (according to Wikipedia) although it may change.

Where is the copyright date on a book?

Most copyright dates in a book are either in the very front of the book or the very back. There will be the publishing date and the copyright date. The copyright date is the one next to the "c" with the circle around it for copyright.

What is the title of the 12th book in the Ranger's Apprentice series and when is its publishing date?

That information isn't out yet.

When is the book Guardians of Fire by J Fitzgerald McCurdy coming out?

Have found no evidence of the publishing intentions.Last notice said 2009,but further research shows no publishing date.

When did Standard Poor's stop publishing the Blue List?

The last publication date was 8/17/2001

In a book what do the numbers mean under the date of publishing such as 12345678910?

most likely a serial number of some sort.

What is the copyright date for John F. Kennedy by Judie Mills?

March 1988 (can be found in the book for year, but also look on amazon books for a publishing date for any book!) hope that helps.

How do you cite a novel?

Author's Last Name. First Name. Title. Publishing Location: Publisher, Copyright Date.

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