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Q: What is the latest movie of jerry yan?
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What is the latest news of jerry yan and barbie xu?

they had married now and have already 5 children.that just my hope.

What is Jerry Yan's birthday?

Jerry Yan was born on January 1, 1977.

When was Jerry Yan born?

Jerry Yan was born on January 1, 1977.

Did jerry yan already married?

Yes. Jerry Yan already married to Ella Chen.

Who is the wife of jerry yan?

As of May 2014, Jerry Yan is married to Lee Jinglei. Yan is a Taiwanese actor who was born on January 1, 1977.

Who is Jerry Yan's girlfriend?

There are no official reports of Jerry Yan's girlfriend. There are rumors he is involved with Shoko, though.

How old is Jerry Yan?

Jerry Yan is 40 years old (birthdate: January 1, 1977).

Is Jerry Yan is the boyfriend of Ella Chen?

yes they are because they kissing in Down with Love so i think jerry yan is ella chen boyfriend

Who is the girlfriend of jerry yan now?

Jerry Yan is not currently seeing anyone. He recently broke up with his girlfriend, Lin Chi-Ling a couple of months ago.

Does jerry yan have a facebook account?


Is Jerry yan and barbie hsu going toget married?

is barbie hsu and jerry yan gonna get married? Barbie Xu is already married to Wang Xiao Fei, an entrepeneur. And the media had once asked her about her relationship with Jerry Yan, and she stated that although their really good friends, Jerry isn't her type and she wouldn't date him. So, no Barbie and Jerry are not going to get married, unfortunately.

Is Jerry yan and ella chen together for real?

no..but they are really good friends. but i hope there might be something between them in the future as jerry yan is not adverse to the idea of liking ella's "type"

Is Jerry Yan married?

Yes he's married

Who is jerry yan's present girlfriend?

roselle javier

Does jerry yan has a wife?

queenny beth camello

Who is lin chi ling's boyfriend?

Jerry Yan

Who is the girlfriend of Jerry Yan?

It is Ling Zhi Ling.

What has the author Jerry C Yan written?

Jerry C. Yan has written: 'Modelling parallel programs and multiprocessor architectures with AXE' -- subject(s): Programming, Parallel processing (Electronic computers), Multiprocessors

Is Jerry Yan dating someone?

yes,he is dating barbie zho

Jerry spinelli's latest book?

Jonathan Silverlight, Jerry Spinelli's latest book is published in 2008, it is called Smiles to Go

Who is the girl friend of jerry yan?

Lin Zhi Ling i guess :D

Which is the latest movie of Robert Pattinson?

Rember me , That is Latest Movie he is ,

Which is Rajinikanth's latest movie?

Enthiran (2010) is Rajinikanth's latest movie.

What is dolly parton's latest movie?

her latest movie is Joyful Noise

Is Jurassic World the latest Jurassic movie?

it is the latest Jurassic movie