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The latin word manufactura is a compound noun derived from the noun manus, us f. (hand) and the past participle form of the verb facere which is factum (made).

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Q: What is the latin root for manufacture?
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What does the Latin root manufacture mean?

to build or construct

What is the root word of manufacture?

There are two root words here. "Man" from the Latin for hand Facture from the Latin facere to make. Hence, Manufacture originally meant to make by hand.

What does the laten root fac mean?

The latin root "fac- or fic-" all means "make/do." Some words containing this root are facile, factory, malefactor, manufacture, and artifact.

What does the latin root manu mean?

The Latin root "manu" means "hand." This root is commonly found in words related to manipulation, management, and manufacturing.

What words come from a Latin root meaning by hand?

The words "manual" and "manipulate" come from a Latin root "manus" meaning "by hand." These words allude to actions or tasks that are performed using the hands.

What does the root word factura mean?

The Latin root word "factura" means "a making" or "a deed." It forms the basis for words like "fact" and "manufacture."

Is zo a greek root or a latin root?


Is the root Struct Latin or Greek?

The root "Struct" is Latin in origin. It comes from the Latin word "structura," meaning "a building or structure."

What is the latin root word for apparently?

what is the latin root for apparently

What is the Latin root for prefer?

The Latin root of Prefer is Praeferre.

What is the latin root for flexible?

The latin root for flexible is flex.

What is the latin root of the word destination?

The Latin root of the word "destination" is "destinare," which means "to determine" or "to appoint."