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tempus = time viator ---- M,viatoris traveler, wayfarer something like.......... tempus viator= time traveler hope this was some what helpful ......... I like voyageur de temps, my self

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Q: What is the latin word for time travel?
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What is the Latin translation for the word journey in Latin?

iter, itineris, neuterTo travel - facere iter

How do you Translate time travel into Latin?

Tempus Viato

One word for travel by bus?

One word? How about 'omnibus'. Derived from the Latin meaning 'for all'.

What is the Latin word for clock?

the latin word for clock is "crono" meaning time which is why it means clock

What is word for time in latin?


Does mogul have a Latin word?

Yes it do I study Latin all the time

What is the latin root for be on time?

ANSWER Tempor is the Latin word for "punctual, on time", but we cannot consider it a root because "to be on time" is an expression without Latin roots.

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What Italian and Latin words can the English word 'tempo' be traced to?

The word "tempo" can be traced to the Latin word tempusand the Italian word tempo for "time."