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What is the latitude of the dividing border of north and south Korea?

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What was the prewar dividing line in Korea?

"The 38th Parallel"...38 degrees north latitude

What was the border between North Korea and South Korea at the beginning of the war?

In 1945 the 38th Parallel established the dividing boundary between both North and South Korea .

Latitude line between North and South Korea?

North and South Korea have been divided since the end of World War II. Their arbitrary border is at 38 degrees north latitude, otherwise known as the 38th parallel.

What nation shares a border with North Korea besides South Korea?

China and Russia border North Korea to the north while South Korea borders North Korea to the south. Russia's border with North Korea is on the far north east tip and is very small. China's border with North Korea is the largest of the North Korean borders.

What is the distance between North Korea and South Korea?

North and South Korea meet at, and all along, their shared border, the 38th. parallel of latitude, so the 'distance' between them is exactly zero.

What Countries Border both North and South Korea?

There are none. North Korea borders China, Russia, and South Korea. South Korea only shares a border with North Korea.

What 2 countries border North Korea?

china and south korea. There are 3. North Korea also has a short border with Russia.

What borders Korea on the north?

China and Russia border Korea in the north.

Where is 40 n latitude 135 e longitude?

That's very near the border between Siberia and North Korea

Was the 38th parallel the actual western border of north Korea?

The 38th parallel north formed the border between North and South Koreaprior to the Korean War, which would make it the southern border of North Korea.

What is the border between north and South Korea?

The border between North and Soth Korea is called the Demilitarized Zone

What 2 countries share a border with Korea?

Well, China and Russia both border North Korea. However, South Korea is only bordered by North Korea.

What lands border North Korea?

China in the north, South Korea in the south.

Is Kaesong close or far from the border that separates North Korea from South Korea?

It is close to The border that separates north Korea from south Korea. The distance between Kaesong and the border is about 8 km (5 miles).

What natural features serves as the border between China and North Korea?

The Yalu River is the border of China and North Korea.

What countries border South Korea?

North Korea is the only country that has a land border with South Korea. However, South Korea is not that far from China and Japan over the water.

What countries does South Korea border?

South Korea has a border with North Korea.

What are the capitals of the countries whose shared border forms the dividing line between the continents of north and south America?

Panama, Belieze, and Washinlaville.are the latitude and the longitude for the sharing border.By Luaye Sharawy

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