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What is the least fertile time in a womens menstrual cycle?

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In theory you're least fertile just before menstruation.

Take the average 28 day menstrual cycle:
A woman would ovulate around day 14 and produce fertile cervical mucus for up to a week beforehand, so the most fertile point would be between days 7-16 of the menstrual cycle. After ovulation there's no egg to fertilize, by the time you're due to menstruate any egg is long dead.

Unless you use Fertility Awareness Method you can't know when YOU are fertile or not, everyone has a different menstrual cycle and menstrual cycles can change all the time. You can't rely on an estimate or guessing fertile or infertile days based on previous cycles.

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Going by a 28 day cycle (yours may be longer or shorter):

Day 1 = 1st day of your period Day 5 = last day your period Day 12-16 = This is when you are most likely to conceive if you have sex about this time Day 14 = Ovulation date (approximately) Day 15-28 = Most women ovulate between 12-14 days before their next period

So approximately between day 6 and day 11 of your cycle is when you would be least likely to conceive. However you would have to be very exact and know your own cycle very well before you would be able to rely on this method.

Good luck.

AnswerThe most fertile time during a Womans cycle is when she is ovulating. The least fertile time is during her period.
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What least effects the human female menstrual cycle?

The temperature on the moons of Jupiter have very little effect on the female menstrual cycle.

When are hormones in the menstrual cycle least active?

The hormone that is least active while you are ovulating is progesterone. Progesterone is built up and reaches its high peak before your menstrual cycle.

How long is a dog on its menstrual cycle?

couple weeks at least

When during your menstrual cycle is fertilization least possible?

During your period.

How do you get rid of the odor after your menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycle refers to the reproductive cycle, fertile females will always be on their menstrual cycle, I believe that you mean after menstruation. If there is a bad odour that may be a sign of a vaginal infection so you would need to see your doctor, otherwise good hygiene is enough - shower daily and avoid tight fitting or synthetic clothing.Also check what products you use during menstruation: tampons and commercial menstrual pads are unhygienic so will cause bad odour, if you are using these options at least be sure to change them every 4-6 hours and remember to alternate with pads if you use tampons.

When during your menstrual cycle is fertilization most possible?

I would think when your period is the lightest. People say that having sex during your cycle is harder to get pregnant. So, when your almost done with your period I would think or when its almost over. If you don't wanna have sex on your period whenever your off is good. I hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't. The odds of being fertile during your menstrual cycle is very unlikely. You could say there's a 95% chance you are not fertile. Keep in mind, you are the LEAST fertile a week prior to menstruation and a week after. However, it is possible to conceive during this time. It's just highly unlikely.

What is the least fertile of all soil?

The desert has the least fertile soil of all.

What does the Moon have to do about the Menstrual Cycle?

The moon is believed to have an influence on women's menstrual cycles, not least of all because the average menstrual cycle syncs up with the phases of the moon. Women still use the moon to help regulate their menstrual cycles through using lunaception (sleeping in the dark all except for three days when you sleep in the light of the moon, which is when you'd want to ovulate - or artificial light if you want to try for a different cycle pattern). This is also why all the artificial light via computer screens and lighting in the home is believed to contribute to women's cycle problems.

What is the most fertile race of men?

Orientals are the least sexually active and least fertile. Blacks the most sexually active and most fertile. Whites are intermediate.

Is a women fertile right before her menstrual?

No, typically right before menstruation is when a woman is at her least fertile because ovulation occurs around two weeks before menstruation. However unless a woman tracks her cycles with FAM she has no way of knowing for sure when she is fertile or when her period is going to start. Birth control should always be used to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Are women least fertile right after their period?


What biome has the least fertile soil?


Misprost avoid pergenancy?

Avoid pregnancy while taking misoprostol and for at least one month or one completed menstrual cycle after you have stopped treatment. Misprost is used to prevent ulcers, not pregnancy.

What if you start taking the pill after you finish your period?

You can start taking the pill at any time during your cycle, but if it's your first cycle and you didn't start within the first five days of menstrual bleeding, you need to use a backup method for at least seven days.

When during menstruation would fertilization be unlikely?

During the menstrual cycle the most fertile time is around ovulation, which is ,depending on the length of the luteal phase, 14 days before the menstrual period. A woman can ovulate anytime between day 8 and day 22 depending on the length of her cycle. The least probable time to get pregnant is after ovulation. This can be determined by the fact the the cervix position changes becoming higher, harder and closed. The cervical mucus changes to infertile mucus which is creamy, white sticky in consistency. The basal body temperature also changes. After ovulation, during the second phase of the menstrual cycle, there is what is referred to as the thermal shift when the basal body temperature increases of a few degrees. If a woman detects thee consecutive high temperature values, she has already ovulated and she is in her infertile time of the month.

You ended your period yesterday when do you start ovulating?

In the classic "text-book" menstrual cycle ( a 28 day cycle), ovulation should occur in day 14. The first day of the menstrual cycle is the day you start menstruating. But it may vary from women to women. If you what to know how your menstrual cycle behaves, the first thing you have to do is to document the start and end days of at least three concecutive cycles. Once you have determined how many days it takes in average, (starting from day one of mestruation to day one of the next) you may estimate that ovulation should be occurring just in the middle of the cycle... so it may vary from day 12 to 16 of the cycle (that's how the rythm method of contraception develops: no sex in those days, or use protection). Just remember that the first day of the cycle is the day you start menstruating.

What is post menopausal?

Menopause is a condition that occurs at the end of a woman's reproductive cycle. It is generally determined that when a woman has reached middle age and her monthly menstrual cycle has stopped for at least 12 months in a row, that she is menopausal. Once menopause has been established, she will be considered Post Menopausal.

Which biogeochemical cycle is least affected by human activities?

The oxygen cycle is least affected by human activities.

Is it possible to get pregnant a few days before your next minstral cycle?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it has been shown that 4-6 days before one's period is the most fertile time. I can't say this enough but please use birth control. If you can't then at least try to have sex on your period. You might think it's gross but it's when you're the least fertile.

What is the least fertile part of the US?

Nova net: The Southwest

What section of the US has fertile land that is least abundant?

the southwest

Where do nigeria's least fertile lands lie?

in the middle belt

Do you get pregnant if you got sex at seven day of your menstruation?

If you have a normal average menstrual cycle of say 28 days then you ovulate around the middle of the menstrual cycle which wil be 14 days after the first day of your menstrual bleeding. keeping in mind that sperm can live for 4 days inside the woman's reproductive organs you will have to allow at least 4 days before the 14th day. in other words if you dont want to get pregnant definitely dont have unprotected sex on or after the 10th day after menstrual bleeding begins through to the 17Th day. This wil make you safer but there is no guarantee that something may be a it out of sync at times.

What part of the month are you least fertile to get pregnant?

You are the least fertile when you are menstruating. The body is removing the uterine lining and any old egg cells, so without those, a woman cannot get pregnant.

Can you get preg the same day you quit your period?

Yes, or at very least you could get pregnant as a result of sex on that day.Say during a typical 28 day cycle - a woman would likely ovulate on day 14 and have fertile cervical mucus from day 7, thus just after menstruation she may be fertile (but not actually conceive until she ovulates). If her cycle is shorter this increases likelihood of her falling pregnant.