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The least minted American Silver Eagle was the 1995-W, it is a proof coin that only slightly more than 30,000 coins were made.

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Q: What is the least minted silver eagle dollar?
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What is the value of a 1974 five dollar Republic of Liberia coin minted at the US mint?

If it's silver, then at least $30.00

What is the value of a 1965 pure silver dollar?

There can't be a pure silver 1965 dollar. No silver dollars were minted after 1935, and in any case pure silver is too soft for circulating coins. They all contained at least 10% copper.

1950 silver dollar worth?

There was no US silver dollar minted in 1950. If you mean a half dollar, it would be worth at least its value in silver which as of writing is about $7.70 but it would be worth more in better condition. As with all old coins, cleaning harms the value.

What year was the least amount of silver dollar minted?

I'm not sure what your asking, but in 1839 only 300 circulation issue coins were struck.

What are older fifty cent coins worth?

Any US half dollar minted in 1964 or earlier is currently worth at least $10 for its silver content.

What are old silver dollar coins worth?

Value depends on a number of factors such as the date, mint mark, and condition. All U.S. silver dollars minted in 1935 or earlier are currently worth at least $26 for the silver content.

1930 silver quarter?

All silver coins minted prior to 1963 are at least 90% silver.

Can a 1957 series A blue seal one dollar silver certificate be exchanged for a one dollar silver eagle coin and if so where do you exchange it?

No. Redemption of silver certificates for coins was ended in 1964 and for silver bullion in 1968. In any case a typical 1957 $1 silver certificate sells for about $1.25 to $1.50 in circulated condition while a silver eagle sells for at least the current price of an ounce of silver so it would definitely be an unequal exchange.

What is the value of a 1921 P Mercury Silver Dollar?

The "Mercury" coin is a dime. In addition the P mint mark was first used on $1 coins starting in 1979 so that letter can't be on a 1921 dollar. A 1921 Morgan Dollar (eagle on reverse with spread wings facing forward) is the most common silver dollar and is valued by its silver content. A 1921 P Peace Dollar (eagle perched in profile) is one of the harder dates to find and is worth at least $50 badly worn and a few hundred if uncirculated.

Is a silver liberty dollar worth any money?

It depends on what you're calling a "Liberty dollar". All US silver dollars minted up till 1935 had a picture of Miss Liberty on the front. These are worth at least 75% of the current price of an ounce of silver, around $20 as of early 2011, and many of them are worth a lot more. The "dollar" bullion coins minted since 1986 aren't for spending and aren't really silver dollars but are worth a bit more than the price of an ounce of silver. Circulating $1 coins minted since 1971 don't have any silver and are only worth $1. If you have a specific coin you want to evaluate, please post a new question in the form "What is the value of a (date) US silver dollar?", where (date) is of course your coin's date.

What is 1914 silver dollar worth?

The value of a 1914 silver dollar can vary depending on its condition and where it was minted. In general, a 1914 silver dollar is worth at least its weight in silver, but it could be worth more to collectors if it is in good condition or if it is a rare mint year. It is recommended to consult with a coin dealer or appraiser for an accurate valuation.

What is the value of a 1901 silver dollar?

A 1901 silver or dollar is also known as a Morgan Silver Dollar. It is ninety percent silver and usually worth at least forty dollars even in poor condition.